Never Bow To Media Temple™

UPDATE (3 July 07): Info in this post is heavily out of date. Please read this for clarification.

This is so urgent, that I hope you will forgive two posts a day. But please check this out.

It seems that Michael M. has had an extremely unsettling experience with his hosting provider. Moreover, he wasn’t the only one, it would appear. Please, read and note for future refference.

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  1. Greetings. I have left a comment on Michaels blog to get in touch with me ASAP. It’s not okay at all how this is being handled by our company and I’ve asked him for support ticket numbers, copies of support tickets he got in his email, etc. I want to find out what’s going on and who is not toeing the line at (mt).

    I also have to take the blame since the marketing I work on must be doing a terrible job explaining GPU’s.

    We tell the team that we have to work with customers. What he has experienced is not how we normally do business. Please contact me if you have any questions. I’m more than welcome to chat with you about Media Temple.

    Warmest Regards,
    Alex Capehart

    P.S. Its currently 2:14 am where I am so please don’t misread any delays in my emails as a disinterest in your communications.

  2. Alex, thanks for the responce. I take it Michael’s account is correct, then. Hopefully this will be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

  3. Pengovsky, I must have done something wrong when I posted on Michael’s blog. To follow up, I did send Michael an email via his google address after I posted here.

    Regardless, I’m trying to get in touch with him so we can do two things (which we are supposed to be doing with everybody): Find out what caused his spike, work with him and treat him like the valued customer he is. The fact that he put our logo on our site and now wants to take it off. Shows to me that we failed him.

  4. Alex: I’m not in the habit of beating people senseless with their own mistake, so I’ll refrain from commenting on this issue further. I have no quarrel with (mt), I am, however, deeply worried by the treatment a friend of mine received by your company. I can only assume you and your company are going above and beyond a call of duty to reach a solution with a blogger who has received much praise and an occasional award and who is (above all) very much respected in this blogging community.

  5. We are. I’ve sent a second email and posted another comment to his blog. I’ve already met with everyone who had contact with him and this issue has gone to the top of the company (who’s not pleased btw).

    I’m eagerly awaiting his email so I can begin fixing this and get us back in the good graces of carniola.

  6. Beat away. We did not explain the GPU usage clearly, that we always try to offer help and we don’t shut clients down like other hosters will do for overages (this is a big one for me) and if they do need to move we’ll give them ample time to do so, or give a credit for being a loyal customer, etc, etc.

    Yes, we do deserve a beating.

  7. Again: I don’t do that… Not usually, at least. If Michael hasn’t responded yet, he will, I’m sure – afterall he is a very busy man. Hopefully you will reach some sort of agreement which will address and alleviate Michael’s problems (tehcnical and otherwise).

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