Liberation Day Announcement #3

A raw map of Liberation day hike route – click image to enlarge – and see below for details

Good morning, comrades! 😀

As you know, the hike around Ljubljana with Pengovsky on 12 May is now officially on and as promised, I’m posting more details about the event and on how to sign up.


Well, that’s easy… You can find my email on the about page, so just drop me a line confirming you’ll be there, but please include the following: Your name (if you’re a blogger, a link to your blog as well) and your mobile phone number, so I’ll be able to contact you in case of an emergency. You’ll receive a confirmation and my phone number in return.


The deadline for signing up is Sunday, 6 May (inclusive).


I propose we start the hike at 0700 hours. This is not a given, as I expect fierce opposition by some late risers and I also imagine that those of you who are not living in Ljubljana might have a bit of a problem making it this early. Any thoughts on this, Jean? 😀

In any case, there will be a 20-30 minute window for you to make it to the start of the hike.

So time of departure is yet to be comfirmed, provisionally it is set at 7. AM, but bear in mind that the checkpoints close at 1700 hours, so we cannot start much later.


A hat or a cap. You don’t want to get a sunstroke. A spare pair of socks. Better yet, make that two. Band-aids or similar for blisters. Good sneakeres or hiking boots. This is a seven-hour hike. True, it’s mostly flat terrain, but belive you me it can be a real killer if you can’t take care of your feet. Oh, and terrain is mostly sand and rubble with some concrete.


Liquid. And plenty of it. You yourself know how much will you need, but do pack some extra just to be on the safe side.
Chocolate or something similar to replenish your energy.
Some fruit might be in order (apples) and an odd sandwich. But don’t expect to eat too much along the way. This is not a picnic, but a hike to comemorate liberation of Ljubljana 😀


As I said in my first post on the issue, I’ll do it regardles of the weather. If it goes bad I don’t expect anyone to actually come. But if you decide to come nevertheless, I’d be thrilled.

Oh, and just so there is no misunderstanding: “weather going bad” in this case means “heavy rain and worse being forecasted”. If you bail out due to “sporadic showers” forecast, I’ll think of you as a pussy (only kidding, the decision if of course yours to make).


Obviously you can cancel by just failing to show up. But I’d hate that. So if you think of canceling, please do so via email until noon on Friday, 11 May.


We’ll start the hike at “Agrotehnika Gruda”, which is just across the street of the final bus stop of line No. 6, direction Dolgi Most, (not Črnuče). See this Google map for more details:

Click image to see Google map with directions

We will then proceed in a counter clock-wise manner, finishing where we started approximately seven hours later.


It is strongly advised that you bring any war-time, easy-to-carry paraphranelia, if possible of course. Most likely candidates are partisan caps or hats, things with red stars, old socialist flags etc, etc… They will not make you walk any faster, but you might get a curious and approving smile or two along the way 😀

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10 thoughts on “Liberation Day Announcement #3”

  1. You set this up like a real project. 😀 Sounds very interesting, but the date is too far for me to say anything. I would like to go simply to see how you can get all the way around Ljubljana. Some of the PST paths near me that I used to walk my dog are now blocked because of the highway ring. 🙁 Good luck with the organization. 😉

  2. My poor right leg is not quite useful, but who knows, I could play the Italo-German invader, and die like I deserve. Good luck, in any case.
    No plans of feeding your fellow liberators after the 7hr-trip ends ?

  3. @Sunshine: well, you’ve got plenty of time to check you schedule 🙂 And nothing is blocked. It’s just rerouted under the bridge across the Ljubljanica river near Fužine

    @Disablez: You could join us for a part of the hike. Some other people (albeit non-bloggers) are planing to.

  4. @Disablez: Oh, as far as feeding is concerned… Good call… I haven’t thought of that… But I was thinking of a get-together at Cutty Sark later in the evening…

  5. @ pengovsky: Right. I figured it out now. 🙂 I’m familiar with the path towards Polje that is rerouted now. The one I usually took for coming back and that is blocked now is not a part of PST. One mystery solved. Several more to go. 😛

  6. As said : I can’t make it, but I’m expecting plenty of pics, you hear? (And this time, leave the drunken Englishmen out 😛 ;))

  7. @rollo: One man’s hike is another man’s Mt. Everest 😀

    @ARF: Pictures galore, I promise! Jay and I even concoted a vile plan to take our laptops and do some serious posting along the way, not just the pics via mobile-phone, but there were fairly large amounts of alcochol involved, so we’ll see about that 😀

  8. Early starts are not a problem for me. I’ve left the house well before dawn on many an occasion for mountain hikes, agility competitions, and (just this past Saturday in fact) trips to Gardaland.

    Any interest in a training hike in the Karst the week before? I’ve got a great route all picked out–not a full 35 km, more like 20, though I can also add to that if desired. As far as I’m concerned it doesn’t have to be on the weekend; Thursday May 3 would also work.

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