It WAS the Junkies!

For those of you who have missed it: a follow-up on this post

It’s the same scenario all over again…

The Po-lice have concluded that it was two junkies who stole the two laptops belonging to the Movement for Justice and development. Even more, they apparently already recovered both laptops.

Convenient, isn’t it? I’d almost believe it if I hadn’t seen that particular scenario unravel five years ago – different target, different cirumstances, but the same M.O.

The Prez has already retorted. Just a quick translation of two most important paragraphs of his latest blog entry:

Bad people can never find their inner peace. They’re alway driven by wanting more for themselves. They toss and turn but can never achieve fulfilment and inner peace. They cannot achieve that not by means of position nor money. They’re alway worried, restless, affraid of losing what they’ve got. Worries, fear, anger, jelaousy, greed and vanity create negative energy, which is the opposite of good energy, as bad is the opposite of good
Poor bad guys are so afraid of losing their positions, power and glory. They are so attached to them. Their fear of losing these things makes them vunerable. They are petty as material beings, but they neither know or understand anything else. And that which they don’t understand begins beyond their awarenes, it begins where all good beings. And that is where peace begins, peace which they will never know.
Dear bad guys! Your mud will turn to gold. Once things become bad enough, changes occur. And you’ve made things bad enough.

(complete post here, only in Slovene)

The Prez has signed the post with his full name Janez Drnovšek for the very first time. Until now he signed his posts merely by Janez D. The different signature seems to imply that the President is much more serious about it this time around.

And on a related issue: According to Dnevnik daily, an unauthorised entry by PM’s advisor compromised SOVA’s safe house in Ljubljana. While SOVA denies the claim, the paper goes on to say that as a result an entire network of operatives was cut loose, fearing their cover was blown.

So much for national security… Any chance we can rent Dick Cheney for 10 days? I promise we’d give him back… Oh shit… I forgot… He had his advisor blow the cover of a CIA agent for political purposes… Oops 😳

I wonder if Janša and Cheney are sharing notes…

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8 thoughts on “It WAS the Junkies!”

  1. How can you say such things… Latest news is that Policija is going to be rewarded for such a great effor and success in recovering the junkied laptops from eDrug-bay. And the president is sooooo happy bout having his unrelated laptops back 🙂 That Janez Drnovsek is a clone of J.D. posting from the stolen laptop, for sure.

  2. Drle is pleased? 😮

    Where did you find that out? I couldn’t find any reaction on his part. The only one to express satisfacton was Dušan Kumer, vice-chairman of the parliamentary Committee for supervision of intelligence services.

  3. No, that was just “the official version”; it was said “Drnovsek is very happy” and “police will be rewarded for such an exceptional work” on media this morning, as part of the happy-end-story cover.

    He didn’t say anything himself, apart from his post in the gibanje page… I think I wouldn’t be quite happy myself, or even wouldn’t be quite legal if someone put those words in my mouth, even more if I’m not a helpless six-pack joe but the -mostly helpless anyway- president of the country…

  4. Aha. On there was something similar, this time Kumer and some praises for police as well. Still there, though Maja says she thinks the article was longer this morning; that I don’t know.

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