Tonight’s Special: Total Lunar Eclipse

During a total lunar eclipse the Moon turns red (source)

Tonight at 22.30 CET spectators from whole of Europe, Africa, South America, and eastern parts of the US and Canada will be able to observe a total lunar eclipse.

Contratry to a total solar eclipse which is an extremely rare event and last only minutes, a total lunar eclipse is much more frequent and lasts considerably longer. While tonight’s eclipse will start at 2230 hours with a partial eclipse, the total eclipse will start at 23.44 and will last for more than an hour, with the Moon exiting Earth’s shadow at 00.58 on Sunday.

The moon will not become completely invisible, but will rather turn red, because some light will be filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere and will reach lunar surface.

The weather forecast for tonight is extremely good, with clear weather and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, so you will have great conditions to observe this astronomical event. And if you feel like taking a picture or two, here are some tips.

Ljubljana SweetSwing Festival 2007

Zoot suit – gotta get me one of those! 😀

From March 16 to 18, Ljubljana will be hosting the first ever swing festival on Slovenw grounds. The festival will include 16 hours of workshops, done in two levels, three evenings of parties, live music and last but not the least – a lot of fun and dance. The festival is hosted by the SweetSwing Society and you can find more info here

Highly recommended! 😀