Oh My God(ler)!

Prof. Godler in TLP show (photo by TLP website)

The (in)famous Jure Godler has joined the ranks of bloggers. To be more exact: he will officially start blogging on Saturday, but you can already get a sneak preview now

Just a couple of days ago Jure Godler won a Viktor (Slovene Oscar-wannabe) for a “rising media personality”, but the list of his artistic and media exploits is long and distinguished. And most of all, he’s got class.

Hats off to you, professor Godler! 😀

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  1. Oh, of course… I forget, sorry…

    Jure Golder is first and foremost an excellent pianist and one of Slovene foremost authorities on Mozart. He is, however best known for his media exploits in shows Hri-bar and Tistega lepega popoldne (TLP), where he created several TV characters and also does some excellent impersonations (perhaps most notable is his impersonation of president Bush).

    Wether he likes it or not, he is considered to be a protege of both Sašo Hribar and Jonas Žnidaršič (the two being the only real TV stars in Slovenia) and – should Golder choose to continue his current path – he will surely succeed them.

  2. Sounds like an intriguing guy, some sort of a modern day Renaissance Man. You’ll have to introduce me some time… 😉

  3. Actually, the “professor” part is one of his TV personas, as far as I get it… But he might as well be a professor – he’s both knowledgable and fun to listen to…

  4. There’s a story from one of his interviews that goes something like this (and he admitted he’s proud of that and he likes to tell it): He “auditioned” for the music academy here in Ljubljana and they rejected him. He performed with his own work (btw, he has written several operas and symphonies so far) and they told him that it’s no good, obsolete and that modern music is the way to go these days.

    He went to the music academy in Salzburg with the same work. Usually the results are publicly announced in 14 days, but right after he left the room one of the professors ran after him and told him: “I’ll be honored to be your professor”.

    The funny part is that Sloveneceljni (well at least several of them) went berserk, accusing him that he’s self-conceited and arrogant for telling this story. 👿

  5. Well, most people who spend so much time telling others they are no good, and why and how and since when, have enough time to elaborate on this – because they are not really busy (and also not interesting) for lack of abilities… (yes, someone made me angry, but it’s OK now) 🙂

  6. Usually, people with limited or no talent, or those who fear their own talent is matched or surpassed by others are the harshest critics of those who are. Nothing new there…

  7. I know it’s nothing new. That’s why I was amused. I knew it would happen sooner or later even without reading the actual responses later on. Some people are just so predictable. :mrgreen:

  8. There is something wrong with Siol blogs, isn’t it? Sunshine, I haven’t seen “you for quite some time…

  9. Yep, siol is on and off lately. Losers! 👿

    But the reason for the lack of my posts is a hectic schedule at work. Hell, I haven’t even danced salsa in 2 weeks. 🙁 🙁

  10. I think you’re giving Slovenija too much negative credit, P. We see that phenomenon occur here as well. We support the underdog in Belgium/Flanders, because we’ve always been the underdog ourselves (occupation by the Romans, the French, the Spanish, the Austrians, the French again, the Dutch, the Germans… so there’s a historical likeness to Slovenija which was frequently occupied in its history as well. To top it off, Slovenija is almost exactly 1/3 smaller than Belgium, and there are more things both our countries have in common but that’s for another day). But when said underdog rises above his/her limits, then it’s another matter entirely. Then they become easy targets. And in the matter of talented people who dare to say they know how good they are, you’ll see exactly the same behaviour. What happened to Godler happened to so many talented Belgians as well. People just can’t accept that others are as good if not better than they are in their fields of expertise and they will loathe you if you are self assured about it and possibly try to destroy you if they get half a chance. In Slovenija, in Belgium, anywhere…

  11. Yes, let us! 😀 But not today. I have a slight feeling that I’m about to get seriously sick. Vertigo, lightheadedness and inability to adapt to surrounding temperature… And not an atom of polonium in sight… 😉

  12. Come Saturday, The Medicine is on its way to you; just hold out a bit longer… 😉

  13. Oh and: I think if one cannot stand other people inerfering and meddling with one’s life in any way one can always choose to move and live somewhere where noone knows anyone and noone cares.
    ONLY: you cannot do that in Slovenia. There is no place where noone knows anyone who knows anyone who… you. No escape.
    And I am not talking about my sensitive soul, I am talking about real-life influences that this kind of smallness has.

  14. Pengovsky: don’t worry, I am not sick and I have a most charming dealer, thank you. I even wrote about her yesterday. 🙂 I just wanted to see how you are doing – if you can protest maybe they didn’t poison you 🙂

  15. No, I’m sure I’m not poisoned… It’s just that I don’t feel sick – just incredibly tired. And it started around 10 AM.

  16. Isn’t that just odd? I woke up this morning (I promise this won’t turn into a blues song ;)) feeling tired and I’ve been extremely tired all day. And so were my colleague at work and a friend of mine. What’s so special about this day that so many people feel tired (well, more like exhausted, really)?
    @alcessa : the blonde or the dark Kasteelbier, and where shall I deliver it? 😛

  17. I was tired yesterday, too. 🙁 But I get these attacks sporadically and noone even listens properly anymore if I say I am tired – what a bad worlds this is…

    Outch, ARF, I would not want to influence poor Pengovsky’s alcohol intake in such a barbarian way, he does need some… medicine. So thank you but no thank you 😀 😀 😀 How long are you staying in Ljubljana?

  18. I’ll be staying for only a week, unfortunately. But I think I’ll be cramming a lot into it. Places to go, people to see, things to drink, medicine to supply… Yup, action packed! 😛

  19. Well, now it’s five people debating 😉 But yes, it can happen. I think it’s good to talk. One can “post-and-run” but isn’t it nice when people from different parts of the world come together and share their thoughts…even if they bear no relation whatsoever to the post 😀

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