Need I say more?

Item 1) Person or persons unknown break into offices of Movement for Justice and Development led by president Drnovšek and steal a laptop computer.

Item 2) Person or persons unknown break into an appartement of an aide to president Drnovšek (a member of his staff) and steal his laptop computer.

Item 3) Person or persons unknown break into a heavily protected house of Ivan Zidar, CEO of the largest construction company in Slovenia, SCT. The man has mucho connections – both on the left and on the right. According to Delo website, his house has a CCTV system with 15 cameras and a security officer. The perpetrator(s) stole his computer and his automobile

Item 4) A month ago the government of Janez Janša formed a top secret committee which prowled through the archives of Slovene secret service SOVA (think MI5 and MI6 combined). The reason for the move remains unclear as the news of this broke only yesterday. Der Führer so far refuses to comment on it.

Item 5) In the glorious history of this country at least the following officials suffered a break-in (the functions cited are those they held at the time of the crime): Former president Milan Kučan, Minister of Finance Tone Rop, Minister without portofilo Marjan Podobnik, Minister of Interior Rado Bohinc

Item 6) During his brief stint at Morel press agency in 2002, Pengovsky witnessed a bizzare incident: An independent news organisation from Serbia was doing a story on human trafficking in Slovenia. The agency Pengovsky worked for secured interviews with high-level government officials as well as several non-government organisations. Just a couple of hours before the interview every single government-interview was canceled. 24 hours later someone breaks into the premises of the agency and steals one (1) laptop, although there are a number of computers available for the taking.

A supposed perpetrator was apprehended and the break-in would be written off as just another drug-related incident, if the numerous floodlights illuminating several entrances into the building hadn’t all gone out at the same moment rendering the CCTV system useless, which is slightly above the capabilities of a lone junkie looking for a quick fix.

Feeling paranoid? Relax – go watch Big Brother and play God. If the government does it, why shouldn’t you?

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    Remember the unknown song I talked about some time ago? It seems I am turning into a Slon in sadez fan: Vladimir it is…
    WOW! 😀

  2. Believe it or not, this shit is scarry. I’ve seen it first hand and it really makes you feel helpless… It makes you “go into the woods” again.

  3. Actually, I think so, too.
    The only reason it does not “surprise” me is that I think I’ve seen more scary things in Slovenia (mostly not political, still) than non-scary…

  4. Wow, I had no idea that all this was/is going on. Then again, my (language) comprehension of the news in Slovenia is currently limited to stories that cover ordering food at a restaurant, buying clothes or ascribing adjectives to cats. So, I’m a little behind in my daily affairs. Thanks for the news fix!

  5. This is getting smelly and scary, even for the level I’ve got used to about the glorious government in the year I’ve been here…

  6. @lisa & Disablez: To me, however, it seems like a movie re-run. There are striking similarities to several key events of the past. One day I might find even the time to post an English verison of the “Depala vas Affair”, which (in my view at least) was an attempted coup d’etat (one of the two we’ve had so far).

  7. Well, if you do write it up, you’ve got an interested audience…it’s very hard to get this info, outside of personal conversation.

  8. Pengovsky, I would also suggest you post something here EVERY DAY. Several times. A post, a comment… So that, should you disappear, everyone will know at least WHEN.

  9. @lisa: I will – I decided on it five seconds after posting the said comment 😀 …

    @alcessa: … which means that I will post something every day so you’ll be able to keep track of me 🙂 If I’m gone for more than a week, please alert the IFJ and Amnesty International… 😉

    OK, only kidding… The powers that be have much more sophisticated means of exerting pressure 🙂

  10. Actually, u were right, “poor teenagers” “stole the laptops for selling them for drugs” :D:D:D This government has no shame.

  11. Hi everyone,
    I’m Mike (my current name of choice), formerly known as Jaša Mikec. Some people call me Mr. Bad News.

    I’ve found this page via a Google Alert . I’m going to post here a bit of text that I’ve intended to be a standard response to anything pertaining to my person that is published anywhere on the Web and seems to be taken out of the broader context of my campaign.

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    2 I have only bad news for you. I’m sorry, but the picnic is over, so get ready for the storm.
    GET READY! Ignorance can be bliss, but ignorance can also kill. Whether you read my booklet or Orwell’s “1984” you are likely to get a headache. Read nevertheless! Though my personal story or Orwell’s “1984” may initially seem completely unrelated to your own life-experience, PLEASE take this information very seriously because FROM NOW ON such manipulation and torture can happen to everyone – because of THE BIG BROTHER. My campaign is essentially about preventing Orwell’s 1984 from materialising – but in order to achieve this goal I need to inform and mobilise large numbers of people.

    3 Many of you are dissatisfied with your lives: you feel manipulated, you do not feel in control of your experiences, you’d like to be happier or healthier or wealthier… But from the point of view of a homeless beggar like me you are very fortunate: Most of you have your own room or house to live in, you have good clothes, cars, pets, DVD players, washing machines, sports equipment etc., you are able to get a job and be financially independent, you can get a partner and have sex, you can afford healthy food… homeless beggars like me have none of these commodities. Can you imagine life without a house, friends, sex, proper clothes and food?
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    I’m here to tell you that a lot of SUFFERING can befall you unless you learn to protect yourself.

    Think about suffering NOW in order to avoid it LATER.

    I know it is painful to imagine such a bad scenario, but have you got an alternative? Burying your head in the sand like an ostrich? Well, go ahead and do it, if you’re sure it’ll work for you. For my part, I’d rather keep my eyes open.

    4 Guantánamo may seem very far away today, but if you are not careful a Guantanamo can be built in your own town tomorrow. You may not pay much attention to such vile phenomena as Goli otok – a thing of the past, where only DISSIDENTS go, you may think. Wrong.
    Guantanamo, Goli otok etc. are very much a thing of the future, where dissidents like YOU get tortured. What am I talking about?

    5 This: In the past you were free to think whatever you liked, because most people could not read your mind. You could spend your entire life thinking that politicians like Tito were bad people, and still have a good time, so long as you kept quiet. Only those who made their opinions known by verbalising them became DISSIDENTS.
    But now we are entering the era of “thoughtcrime” – scientists already have mind-reading devices, and it is very easy to foresee how the Intelligence Services around the globe are eager to abuse this technology to achieve mass-control of the human population. Orwell foresaw it half a century ago.

    Ask yourself these two questions:
    a) Am I able to stop myself thinking that Bush is a jerk?
    b) What if, under some future legislation, the mere thought ” Bush is a jerk” is classed as a crime punishable under law?



    Hi everyone,
    My site has been updated.
    There have been interesting developments:
    1 Both the benign and the malign telepaths have come out. An example of the former is Agent Stefan Miljevic, of the latter Sandro Mohorko (Gimnazija NM). Now you do not have to believe me anymore, they are declaring their psychic powers themselves.

    2 Finally, a few sympathisers of my cause have decided to actively participate, and we officially registered Association for Prevention of Psychological Terrorism: 1984 (Društvo za širjenje zavesti o psihološkem terorizmu: 1984) in LJ on 12-06-2007

    3 N.B. Some people (who know nothing about me) seem to think that the purpose of my online exploits is to seek simpathy or perhaps even friends. Nothing could be further from thruth. One advantage of being a beggar is that one sees very cleary the true face of humans, and that face happens to be so ugly that one inevitably becomes a misanthrope, shunning human company.

    4 Some other pages of interest:

    5 And here’s a link to a film that will remind you that philosophy is not merely about profound and extensive and complicated verbalisation, but is often about much baser matter: the content of your intestines.

    Since meat-eaters tend to to have wisdom inferior to vegetarians because the rotten content of their guts affects their brains and hearts in a detrimental way, please consider becoming vegetarians:

    6 Again, to any would-be spiritual seekers. There is something profoundly wrong with the cults in Slovenia. For example, some of the yoga people, and even some Hare Krishnas (whom I have never even mentioned in my campaigns) have threatened me with physical violence. These individuals look like complete madmen, so please make sure you too do not become one such.


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