A Begining of a Beautiful Friendship

A Slovene version of this

Social Democrats (SD) are about to become the second strongest party in the parliament. As of yesterday it is confirmed that MPs Tone Rop, Darja Lavtižar Bebler, Milan Cvikl and Marko Pavliha (formerly of LDS) will switch allegiances and join the Social Democracts (ther caucus, to be exact).

The move has grave implications as LDS loses a couple of its prominent members – especially Tone Rop (former PM, former president of LDS and until today head of its parliamentary caucus) and Marko Pavliha (sitting vice-president of the parliament). Combined with the fact that Social Democrats have – according to recent polls – taken the top spot in voting preferences for the first time in the entire history of independent Slovenia, the possible coalition between Janša’s SDS and Pahor’s SD in autumn 2008 seems more and more likely.

A bad thing? I’m not sure… It might be fun, though… Pahor has “foreign minister” practically stamped on his forehead. I just hope he doesn’t run for president this autumn. One would hate to see such political talent (this is not a compliment, I’m merely stating a fact) wasted trying to fill the shoes of an unpredictable Janez D.

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3 thoughts on “A Begining of a Beautiful Friendship”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as remarkable as the disintegration of the LDS. I remember that when I moved here, they were the only show in town. And now they’re essentially living in a gutter. It baffles me.

    The rise of the SD strikes me as almost equally baffling.

    Basically, anything involving Slovenian politics is befuddling.

  2. Slovene politics does indeed follow its own particular mechanics. It’s not easy to comprehend, but basically it boils down to this:

    1)Only one party will be dominant on the political left and right respectively

    2)The dominant party will be centred around its leader. Without him it is nothing

    3)Sooner or later the debate will focus on WWII

    4)Zmago Jelinčič will always make the 4% cut required to get seats in the parliament

    But contrary to you, I was shocked by the fact that SD didn’t start rising sooner. The disaster of LDS is going on for two years now.

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