Total Lunar Eclipse, pt. II

As I promised on Saturday, here is some footage of the total lunar eclipse as seen from Ljubljana. It is actually a piece (if you can call it that since I improvised it) for the Firm™ so it is in Slovene, but still…

Camera: El Presidente™, music: Michael Jakcson, Thirller

OK, so it wasn’t all that spectacular 😀 But it was much more fun looking at it during the actual event. Which reminds me… I might post some footage of 1999 total solar eclipse. That was much more fun 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Total Lunar Eclipse, pt. II”

  1. well, apart from michael jackson’s thriller I personaly don’t see anything spectacular about the whole lunar eclipse seen on on this video. Not that it’s a bad video, but it’s just not my cup of tee, as pengovsky would say. Even the solar eclipse didn’t impress me, and until someone besides Steven Spielberg or some other producer bring me a real alien to earth, space is just a black thing with small white dots in the sky for me.

    And I still didn’t get the answer to my eternal question:”where is the end of space”. 🙂

  2. Indeed, it wasn’t all that spectacular. But I dissagree about the solar eclipse. I’ve got some footage of the ’99 eclispe and will post it ASAP.

    The end of the universe? At the bottom of a bottle of Ballantine’s, my friend 😉

  3. Interesting how we can perceive the same event so differently. This eclipse enchanted me. Although plain stars, constellations and shooting stars on a warm summer night have the same effect on me. I guess I’m not objective here since I’m keen on being enchanted by such things. :mrgreen:

    But if you do find the answer to the eternal question – please, please, pretty please share it with me. 😛

  4. Well, if you drink the rest of it (I’ll help), you’ll not only see the end of the universe, but also discover other planes of existance 😀

  5. Sunshine: it would seem that all this Ballantine’s Schmallantine’s isn’t too good for you. You are all green in the face? 😈 😀

  6. Well preventing being green in the face is a serious thing no one should ignore. After all envy and sickness are not very pleasant states.

  7. Well, I wouldn’t want you to get sick or envyous. Especially not over whisky 🙂

    BTW: just survived a visit by tržna inšpekcija :mrgreen:

  8. Reaching a higher plane of existence? Or delving into the depths of space? 😀

    No, she was really nice. But it does help to have your affairs in order 😀

  9. Reaching a higher plane of existence, delving into the depths of space AND taking care for me not to get green in the face. 😉

    Hmmm, affairs? Does this have two meanings or a single one (in this specific case?). 😀

  10. Hmmm, I posted two comments that were about the same (because I thought the first one wasn’t accepted). Any ideas what’s going on? 🙁

  11. Nope… happened to me at alcessa’s blog some time ago… Email me in private about it, if wordpress refuses to cooperate

  12. Got it… Spam filter caught it. Dunno why…

    But to answer you. Yes on all three counts 🙂
    And I meant legal obligations 🙂

  13. Let me try again… Your task is to try and pretend this comment belongs after the one at 3:10 pm. 😀

    Reaching a higher plane of existence, delving into the depths of space AND taking care for me not to turn green in the face. 😉

    Hmmm, affairs? Does this have two meanings or just single one (in this specific case)? 😈

  14. This is a total mess now. 😀 😳 You can delete, move or change anything that you find appropriate to make it understandable and coherent again. 😛

  15. You know what occurred to me… A while ago I was writing on my blog about direct communication, avoiding ascribing meanings that were not expressed and so on. Yet we (the three musketeers mostly) do that here all the time and it is a LOT of fun, exercise for the brain and it still gets many many meanings across (so far without any quarrels due to serious misunderstandings). And I LOVE it!

  16. Hehehe! 😀 😀 😀 LOT I LOVE? And what would you deduct from that?

    And, no I have absolutely no quarrel with that. Although maybe I should. Your reactions to some resistance might be interesting. 😉

  17. Look, YOU TWO: I am going to take the words LOT I LOVE and play with them while working. This means I am leaving you alone in the sand pit. no need to BE CAREFUL…. 🙂 😈

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