Tonight’s Special: Total Lunar Eclipse

During a total lunar eclipse the Moon turns red (source)

Tonight at 22.30 CET spectators from whole of Europe, Africa, South America, and eastern parts of the US and Canada will be able to observe a total lunar eclipse.

Contratry to a total solar eclipse which is an extremely rare event and last only minutes, a total lunar eclipse is much more frequent and lasts considerably longer. While tonight’s eclipse will start at 2230 hours with a partial eclipse, the total eclipse will start at 23.44 and will last for more than an hour, with the Moon exiting Earth’s shadow at 00.58 on Sunday.

The moon will not become completely invisible, but will rather turn red, because some light will be filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere and will reach lunar surface.

The weather forecast for tonight is extremely good, with clear weather and temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius, so you will have great conditions to observe this astronomical event. And if you feel like taking a picture or two, here are some tips.

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12 thoughts on “Tonight’s Special: Total Lunar Eclipse”

  1. It was positioned right above my house, ergo hard to miss. And we had clear skies after it had been partially overcast today. It wasn’t the biggest I’ve seen, that was about four years ago in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, but nice nonetheless!

  2. I found the partial eclipse much more spectacular this time around. The moon was really bright yesterday.

    It was rainig all day long in Ljubljana but by the time of the eclipse the weather cleared up.

    Heheh… I was DJing yesterday and when the total eclipse started I had the good sense to put on Thriller by Michael Jackson. I thought noone would notice but people actually liked it 🙂

  3. I saw it. It was nice looking at the moon with my father, talking about life and smoking cigarettes… We had our moment:)

  4. Yes, it turned out to be a special night to many people I spoke to today… It also tunred out that I’ll be able to post tome footage of the eclipse, courtesy of El Presidente™. But not until Tuesday, obviously 😀

  5. @ARF: Yes, in situations like this he really shows what he’s made of

    @turistka: I almost missed it… she smokes 🙂

  6. Actually, darling, I meant it in a positive way… I had to take some heat on this blog because I smoke (I’m sure you saw the incriminating photo), so I’m relieved to see that I am a lone blogger indulging in this vice 🙂

  7. Hello Pengovsky! Saso told me this is your blog and I have to admit it’s nice, especially the friday fosex (oops, foxes). Did I notice right you are of the oppinion that slovenia is slipping into a post-communist state? Well, we (Slovakia) have Fico, Meciar & Slota (Populist, Murderer, Radical Nationalist) and I just wonder if this could be worse… Btw, I prepared myself for the lunar eclipse and guess what: overcast. So I poured myself more of that tasty pear brandy.

  8. Hi Martin! Long time no see 😀 You noticed quite right. Believe it or not, our Prime Minister is doing everything in his power to model Slovenia after Slovakia. No disrespect intentended, but from what I know of Slovak situation we’d just be trading one set of problems for another 🙂

  9. YOU HAVE GOT SOME KIND OF CLASS IN THIS SITE. Good to see you up and around!

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