Ordnung und Disziplin

The Prez allegedly insulted these people while visiting Ambrus in late December 06 (source)

Slovenia is apparently regressing into a post-communist state. Yes, it is not a mistake. We are regressing. We’ve had the privilige of jumping from a relatively liberal socialist state/republic to a relatively inconspicious democratic market economy. The phase in between is called “a post-communist state“.

I fell a slight addition to the rather inadequate definition of post-communism by Wiki is necesary: On a political level, a government of a post-communist state often uses all means necesary to remove its political oponents. Since a post-communist government’s file rouge is actually anti-communism (in all its forms and manners) it often employs exactly the same methods as its counterpart in communist times.

Well then… After successfully removing Mitja Gaspari, the Prime Minister’s henchmen went after Janša’s current arch-rival. The President of the Republic of Slovenia. A never-before-heard-of group calling itself “Citizens’ Initiative – Stop Communist Mafia” has filed charges against Janez Drnovšek for allegedly abusing his powers – amongst other things, granting clemency to Danilo Kovačič and for offending religious feelings of the people of Ambrus

Am I the only one seeing a pattern emerging? First dig up some suspicious looking papers (if none exist, fabricate!), then make sure they get into the hands of “your” journalists, create a media frenzy and make as many people as you can throw mud at your target.

Or to put in the now-legendary words of former president Milan Kučan, when – some 10+ year ago – he described tactics of Janez Janša: “First comes discreditation, followed by elimination – physical, if necesary

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, what’s happening. Janša is shaping this country according to his own image. He is enacting “Ordnung und Disziplin” as he sees fit. The only real obstacle is the President, who is up for reelection in the autumn and what we are seeing are the first steps of yet another character assasination. And although the Prez is still somewhat undecided on whether to run again or not, the smart money is on him running again should attacks on him persist, if only out of stubborness.

Luckily, the President is slightly more protected than the Governor, so Drle was quick to respond.

I just wonder… Who’s next?

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  1. Unfortunately, the stupid always travel in large groups… But this behaviour is not uncommon and much less privvy to post communist states (seems like Jansa is following Putin’s lead, by the way). This sort of attitude could be considered a form of lethargy, brought on by the fact that as long as the economy is doing well and most people have good incomes to spend in order to lead a comfortable and luxurious – dare I say capitalist – life, they don’t care what’s going on in politics, because a) it doesn’t affect their lives (or so they think) and b) most people anywhere in the world tend to dislike politics anyway because of its nature and the blatant crave for power politicians usually have. Which explains why voter turnouts in countries where voting isn’t mandatory are usually low. As long as the average Joze doesn’t feel the immediate effect of Jansa’s political manoeuvering, they couldn’t care less. Let’s hope I’m proven wrong…

  2. To an extent, you are right, of course. I especially like your comparison between Janša and Putin (the two seemed to hit it of rather nice the last time JJ was in Moscow).

    But in any normal country (i.e.: western liberal democracy) character assasination is done by the media (in the name of their political masters, of course), whereas in Slovenia it is done by other politicians, with media “only” reporting the one Truth.

    Also, while I’m aware of the fact that ad-hoc “interest groups” flourish all over western democracies (especially in pre-election times) these groups usually attack the politics of a politician, not his/her person.

    Slovenia was just about to master debating ad rem instead of ad personam but Janša made us make a giant leap backwards.

  3. You’re right, of course. I just hope it gets nipped in the bud before it gets really ugly. I’d hate to see the country I consider my second home go down that path…

  4. What I was especially wondering about is whether there exists a need for a “guided democracy” (Putin) under the leadership of what must be perceived as a strong (= authoritative father figure) leader – all of a sudden?
    You know, as soon as you let women discuss, they will turn to talking about personal relationships at some point :-D: I really think that democracy is a good principle also as far as personal relationships of any kind are concerned. OK, we may need to spend a thought or two on it, but it will turn out quite nice. I thought it did nice work on us, freedom loving and hard-working Slovenes, while we were trying to get out of the totalitarism that was Yugoslavia, now we seem to be eager to forsake it a bit… Is this the perceived cold winds of capitalism making us want to run for a strong shelter or what? Forgetting that power corrupts?

  5. @ARF: Despite my ranting I do have high hopes for Slovenia. You know: hope dies last (right after the sailors of Kursk)

    Because as long as can we rant, we should be OK. When this blog dissappears, sound the alarm 😀

    But seriously: I have a strong sensation that the anticommunist sentiment will consume itself – much like revolution consumes its own children. I can totally picture Janša being removed from power by his own people, bringing about the full reign of medicority and incompetence (we are only half-way there at the moment)

    @alcessa: In Realpolitik of today’s world a guided democracy is a fact of life and can be highly effective in a short term.

    As far as Russia is concerned, I must admit that I’m somewhat divided on the issue. I have trouble imagining a complete (like: British) democracy in a country that spans eleven time zones and some of whose inhabitants have never even been to its capital. I have no real answer.

    Re: Slovenes: I agree with you completely. We seem to be forefiting freedom for a litlle more (economic) security. Benjamin Franklin said that “Whoever is willing to trade a little liberty for a little more security, deserves neither and will lose both

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