A Symphony in White

Music clips used: Hop Marinka (Atomik Harmonik), Sirni & Mesni (Ali En), Bela Simfonija (Zoran Predin); Special Guest Stars: Sonja, Nina and Sašo; Video shot and edited by Pengovsky

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

When I was just a kid we all had our skiing idols. Naturally, probably the most idolized skier in Slovenia was Bojan Križaj, the “blonde bringer of happines”, who found his arch rival in Sweden’s Ingemar Stenmark. The fact that they both used Slovene made Elan skis only added to rivalry. Every self-respecting Slovene boy wanted to be Bojan Križaj and he more often than not likened his childhood arch-enemy to Ingermar Stenmark.

Almost simultaneously Mateja Svet equaled Bojan Križaj in women’s alpine skiing putting Slovenia (well, Yugoslavia) next to world’s skiing superpowers. Her rival was Switzerland’s Vreni Schneider, who (like Stenmark) all-in-all won more titles and medals than her Slovene coutnerpart, but it was Kiržaj’s and Svet’s successes that made history

And if you’re wondering, where is “Bojan Križaj” in this video… Behind the camera, of course :))))

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  1. Pssst, Pengovsky: I’ve found out today that Youtube music videos have simply disappeared from my and some other blogs.Yours, too?

  2. Well, it was for the whole morning, because I wanted to add a different video to my blog. 😳 But you’re right. It’s not down anymore. My bad…

  3. I guess I didn’t berate myself too much. Just the right amount. 😉 And I needed a dictionary to find this one out. But now I added another word to my vocabulary, so thank you for that. 😉

  4. A while ago I spent quite some time talking to a friend from Boston. And his vocabulary was really impressive. So I had a little notebook next to my computer where I wrote down the words I didn’t know and were interesting. 🙂 I’m an eager learner.

    And keep on doing a good job… well… expanding my horizons. 😀 😈

  5. Well, I’m not sure that I can do a whole lot more thay dig up an obscure word or two… You seem to be on a par with me in most of the other fields (those we have in common) and way ahead of me in most of the other aspects 😀

  6. *shocked* I’m pretty sure you have just as many fields where you are ahead of me. I’m strong in some, you’re strong in some and we’re close in others. And I’m very flattered (no joking) that you think so. 😳 Especially because you’re quite outstanding yourself (which I think I have already told you a few times). 😀

    And yes, I’m probably a better dancer, but that’s probably all I can think of if we come to the “way ahead in other aspects”. 😉 So don’t berate yourself too much. 😈

  7. You’re “well-ing” a whole lot today. Must be that something distracted you. 😛

    Virtues… Luckily I’m not a virtuous woman, because life would be much more boring then. 🙂

  8. I’m just insinuating at invirtuous things. my dear… Thought you’d know that by now 😀 And I was thinking at these things primarily when I said we’re on a par (others as well, but these things in particular) 🙂

  9. Expanding, insinuating, extolling, virtuous

    SPRING is in the air!? 😈

    Oh and please do note my shining antlers and my snot-free muzzle… 😀

  10. HERE you’re just insinuating at invirtuous things. In other places… well… you’re not insinuating. 😀

    And I do know your little word games by now. Right now it makes me wonder where we’re not on a par. 😀

  11. Your snot-free muzzle????? Or your muzzle-free snot? 😉

    Since spring is definitelly in the air, one could also use verbs like rising, hardening, moisting, blossoming…, no? 😀

  12. Spring is absolutely wonderful. I’m spending more time on our terrace than in the office today. 😀 And all those verbs are very appropriate for this time. 😉 I’m sure it didn’t take you very long to come up with them. Actually I’m assuming they were right at hand. 😀

  13. Oh, OK. This was my first attempt at a joke this week… I’ll exercise some more, I promise.

    I was insinuating that should you be considering a threesome and some additional verbs, I’m out 😀

  14. @alcessa: I got it… I was just playing dumb (I’m a natural ;))

    And as you can see Sunhine cold-bloodedly skipped over the threesome part as well, leaving only me and my hand 🙂

  15. Playing dumb? And thus exposing me as a dumb, old, fat lady working hard on her jokes?! That’s not very nice, is it.

    I am warning you: I registered at Bitch(s)kweet as PPP yesterday.

    Put your hands on the table, Pengovsky, I can see you. Through your own cam, I can! 🙂

    Sunshine: I didn’t run away, actually. I’ve been slurping my cough sirup (I love it!) and enjoying your presence…

  16. I don’t need assistance with my threesome ideas. They are very live and kicking also on their own. 😀 😀 But how can I help you? 😈

  17. @ pengovsky: I read again some comments and figured out they could be misinterpreted. Please, consider them as harmless jokes and not insinuations to the past. 😳 I’m sorry I haven’t noticed some hidden double meanings earlier so I could clear things up sooner. 🙁

  18. @ alcessa: Does it really help or is it only placebo with a good taste? 😉

    I heard that placing a few drops of propolis on a tea spoon of sugar really helps. Of course you need to eat the sugar with propolis. 😀

  19. Sunshine: no idea.It feels great but I don’t know how much coughing I deserved this time…
    But: if a placebo helps, is it still a placebo or already a medcine because it worked?
    Oh yes, I used to like propolis, too.
    (I also like going to the dentist’s, so maybe I am not really normal)

  20. You’re definitely not normal. 😀 How many people you know that could proudly brag with their antlers. And their muzzle. 😉

    But really… what’s there to like at the dentist? 😯

  21. @Alcessa: What’s a PPP? And I meant no disrespect… To paraphrase the tagline of http://www.vest.si: Respect every mousse and all moose 😀

    @Sunhine: No joke is harmless… Especially those with double meanings 😉 But I’m not sure which comments you mean. As far as threesome is concerned – I’m not sure you can help at all, because I’m almost sure that your idea is slightly different than mine 😀

    But if you want to… well… lend a hand in other areas…

    … you can help me do my laundry 😀 😀 😀

  22. @Pengovsky: PPP is pritlehna, plehka in primitivna, of course.cf. Centrifuzija.

    One of my favourite modes in life is pretending to be angry or insulted or similar (here’s where antlers come in handy). I am no natural, though: I will say serious things and not be able to keep a straight face while doing it. 😀

    Sunshine: I like it when they tell me my teeth are OK, or when they do small things to cure them or something. It makes me feel “well serviced” 😀 😀 😀

  23. Some jokes are intended to be harmless. How they are perceived is another story. And I’m not wuite sure where the misunderstanding started. I just wanted to stress what I wrote in an explanation.

    Why are you almost sure about my ideas about threesomes? What are they like? I’d really like to hear that. 😉 And what do you know about my threesomes? I’m 100% sure I didn’t talk about them much. Although you could read many things about that if you’d be Sherlock Holmes. 😉

    And here goes another “well”. Stop pretending that you have problems finding appropriate words. 😛

    I asked how could I help on a different area. And the area was not household work. 😉 So you’ll have to do your own laundry. And you already answered the first question anyway. 😉

  24. @ alcessa: You sure are a pleasant customer. 😉 Well serviced you say. Are you equally pedant when it comes to other services as well? 😛

  25. OK, so first you help, and then I do the laundry? 😀 Sounds fine…. 😉

    I presume your ideas include two guys -granted, it’s a presumption, but do tell… Am I wrong?

  26. Yes and no. Because that is only one of the two combinations and I didn’t say I’m excluding the second one. There are just more obstacles to that…

  27. There are very few likable women and I perceive them differently as I do men.

    P.S. Do your laundry when it’s dirty enough. 😉

  28. But not with the laundry. And you said you’re not sure I can help with the rest. So blame yourself. 😈

    P.S. Will you charge alcessa for a free comercial?

  29. No, I only said that I’m not sure you’re able to help with a threesome…. But I hate not being sure, so I’m all for clearing things up… 😀 I’m positive you can help in most other aspects, tangetial to threesome 😉

    Who said I haven’t already paid alcessa to say that? 😉

  30. I can help with many things. Just if I want to. And I’m all willing to help you after I help myself with that matter, because I’m selfish. 😈 So when I improve my pimping abilities you’ll be the first one to benefit from my newly acquired skills. 😀 Ok?

  31. *laughing my ass off, climbing back into the seat, falling down again, rolling on the floor laughing* Deal! 😀 😀 😀 Just remeber what you said 😉

  32. My dear… I never said I did 😀 I was just trying to throw you off guard… Besides, it seems that you are the one with filthy plans, trying to improve your pimping abilities and all 😉

  33. Those plans are noble. They will help you fulfill your fantasies. I will just be a tester so you’ll only get well tested goods. 😀

  34. Sunshine: no, of course not… It was just some dirrrty talk. 😀

    First: I’d need to declare Pimping as one of my jobs with fiscal authorities to be allowed to receive money for it.
    Second: There was obviously no result. You still remind me of an old, loving couple and I have big troubles understanding why you are single. 😯 Which means I’m no expert and not suitable for a job like that.

  35. *looks with a wet look of an elderly cocer-spaniel* Which ones do you mean?

    But I’d like you to fulfill your fantasies as well! Can I help? 😀

  36. You’re an expert, but you’re not flawless. 😉 And nobody blames you for that. 🙂 At least I can vouch for myself that I like you A LOT: 😉

    Besides, for me anything helps. I’m legally blind for seeing flirting or any kind of enchantment. It’s all fun and friendly and spontaneous to me. That’s why I’ve been told that I flirt all the time while I claim I’m just being myself.

  37. Now it’s time for me to fall of a chair laughing. 😀 😀 😀 I can imagine that elderly cocer-spaniel look too well and that’s probably really the look you’d try to sell to get the desired info 😀 That’s hilarious.

    What I meant were the combinations that include number 3 and were mentioned several times before in this topic.

    Can you help? Sure you can. But will you? Well…

  38. Sometimes two excuisite malt wiskeys can be drunk side by side, but cannot be mixed into one bottle.

    But noone blames you for your efforts. And it wasn’t as if we resisted a whole lot 😉

  39. Sunshine: I am not insinuating anything by calling you an old couple, it is just that I realised some time ago why I feel so extremely well being here and babbling around: when my husband is at home we almost always talk like that (we don’t talk jobs and stuff, it is too boring) and I do miss that when he’s away and I have to work, so it seems I’ve just extended our living room all the way to this blog and continue in the well-known way…

  40. @ pengovsky: I would kill to know if you’re just speaking in general or you have some information I’d love to have as well. 😉 Let me put it like that… I’ll wait for a few days before considering telling you the details. 😉

    And now I’m going for a walk through the ghetto. I’ll cross my fingers that there’ll be some more doggy-style metaphors waiting for me when I get back. 😛

  41. @ alcessa: I adore those talks as well. But we’re (me and the host) not old, we do like each other and we’re not a couple. 😉 😀

  42. If we’re still talkig about a three-way, then yes, I’m thinkig of a particular person, but I’d be most surprised if she were our mutual acquaintaince. But then again – you never know 😀

  43. @Sunshine: Yes, we do like each other. We also like to enjoy, methinks…. 😉

    @alcessa: make yourself at home 🙂 (and I like you too ;))

  44. OK, good boy. I brought some superglue, here.

    Question: how did you film the video above? Attached a camera to your jacket or what?

  45. I held it my hand and crouched down so I could shoot it at ankle-height. Rather simple 🙂

    At the moment the video is down, because I’m experimenting with the quality…

  46. @ alcessa: I figured out something… I have plenty of very good and intelligent male friends. But I do not have such word games and sexy insinuations with them. Maintaining a male-female friendship is hard enough even without that and I’ve been burned too many times before. So… I like such debates, yet I don’t get enough of them. So this place is just perfect for me, because I don’t have to fear to give false hopes, to be misunderstood or to hurt anyone.

    @ pengovsky: Sounds promising. 😛 We might be surprised though, if we’d discuss this in details. 😉

    @ both of you: That was great and funny as hell! I had so many comments in my mind while reading and laughing, but they would make no sense all piled up at the end. I sure hope you exchanged all your body parts, did all the chores and can now rest happily. 😀

  47. My dishes are fine. My laundry would need some cleaning though. 😀

    Actually someone to wash my hair and rub my back would be perfect right now. 😉

  48. Yeah, I agree, I don’t talk slippery things with male friends either, because I always think there has to be a line somewhere. And I don’t talk any real slippery things with girlfriends because I don’t like the idea of everyone knowing about them afterwards. Also because I like to keep things for myself.

    Hm, if noone rubs your back, I suggest a…door knob 👿

  49. I have a brush with a long handle in the bathroom. It is meant specifically for those purposes, but it’s better to be pampered. 😀

  50. @alcessa: Again, I quote Robert de Niro: “Women are more comfortable undressing in front of men that in front of other women. They find the latter too judgemental, whereas men are simply grateful…”

  51. @ alcessa: It is a part of it. Yet it’s not supposed to be done on purpose, because that type of movement causes this effect on its own. And obviously my mother thought I’m overdoing it a bit. 😀

    @ pengovsky: Yes, I definitely do remember that bit. 😛 So where can I sign up for some more (if you’re so kindly offering it)? The details will follow if I’ll feel comfortable revealing it. 😳

  52. I didn’t know if you’d feel comfortable or not. And yes, to be honest I thought it falls into the category of all other word games that are just that – word games. 😉

  53. Well, that’s the difference between me and other men. I never (OK, rarely) don’t mean what I say. Sometimes to my great discomfort. Not that massaging your back would bring me any kind of discomfort at all. So? 😀

  54. Right. No joke is harmless. 😉 I guess we’ll have to start the long and painful journey of finding a time gap in our busy schedules. 😀

    Now on a serious note. I don’t want to disregard what you said about meaning what you say. But I can not help feeling that most of the things written here are just provocations. Do you think you’d act on everything proposed if the other party would agree? Or do you allow yourself more because you know most of the cases will be perceived as jokes? And let us forget for a moment that it’s mostly just our precious threesome here and let’s talk in general. 😉

  55. There is something square, with cushions and stuff, in the next room, telling me to moose off here and leave you to your pleasures…

    Good night and good luck.

  56. Good night I get. But why do we need good luck? :mrgreen:

    Btw, I’d go to the square thingy as well, if my hair wouldn’t be totally wet. 😉

  57. @Sunshine: (switching to general mode) If it were something against my nature, then I wouldn’t agree to it. But I also (probably) wouldn’t bring it up or react to it. I am, however, comfortable with everything that has so far popped up on this blog (especially in our small teasings :))

    When I’ve nothing to lose then I can always take it one step further then the other party. But when I do have something to lose (or feel highly uncomfortable) then I do not make promises I can’t (or won’t) keep.

    So… Sunday?

  58. Since I’m planning a trip to Rogaška Slatina to a salsa festival I’m pretty sure you’ll have more than enough material to work on. 🙂 And don’t exaggerate in Cutty Sark the night before. Otherwise you’ll only be scratching my back and not massaging it. 😆

  59. Hehehe, I think it was not only once, that you complained spending the whole Sunday half dead. 😛 But now I’m being evil. 😉 I’ll show no mercy on Sunday anyway, so I trust you that you’ll be fine. :mrgreen:

  60. Well, it’s either the whole Sunday half-dead, or half of Sunday entirely dead. I’m going with the second one this week 🙂 And you’ll be at my mercy, remember? I’ll be the one doing the massaging! 😀

  61. Hehe, it seems that you are not a pure sociologist after all. You’re mastering math as well. 😈

    Mercy… Right… Damn those details. 😛 But I can still yell at you “faster, harder, more”. I was told I’m quite good at impelling people, so you won’t be able to take it easy :mrgreen:

  62. Well, mr. masseuse… My hair is dry and there is nothing preventing me from going to warm, cozy, soft bed anymore. 😉

    Good night and sweet dreams!

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