Drnovšek vs. Janša

Remember this post? Good thing we still have a president who does not bow to the government of Janez Janša just like that. Instead, he’s going head-to-head with JJ

Animation modified by Pengovsky – I have way too much free time 😀

The row over the new Governor of the Central Bank of Slovenia is becoming even uglier… After backstabbing Mitja Gaspari, Janez Janša is doing everything he can to put his man on the top spot. Well, Boštjan Jazbec is allegedly even closer to finance minister Andrej Bajuk than to JJ, but close enough.

The Prez, however, will have none of it and proposed Gaspari’s second-in-command, Andrej Rant to the top spot, sparking a more or less open conflict with the government, just as last year’s row over Drnovšek’s travels calmed down. Again, I feel that the President is excersinging his constitutional right and duty to propose a candidate he sees fit – especially if the president is one of the very few sources of political power this administration has not (yet) devoured.

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21 thoughts on “Drnovšek vs. Janša”

  1. Oh… And there I was thinking you were imagining Drnovšek headbutting Janša and that you were astounded by my photoshoping abilities 😀

  2. No, I haven’t had my coffee yet and what you thought would require thinking on my part 😀
    But to react to the funny animation: wishful thinking? It could easily be the other way round. It seems to be the other way round (position of heads)…

  3. Whishful thinking indeed.. But then again Drle might surprise us all as he has nothing to lose politically. That makes him dangerous.

  4. Right, that is kind of a lever.

    *divulges a secret*: I wouldn’t mind if things happened and he would come out great in the end 🙂

  5. Hehe, your photoshopping abilities made me laugh. That’s a funny little construct with an important meaning. But you sure do have too much free time. 😈

  6. You do have a life. Maybe just not exactly like you want it in this moment. But then again… most of us would change a detail or two, wouldn’t we? 😀

  7. Sunshine: I thought it means “one doesn’t have a life” if one spends so much time commenting on (one) blog(s) and has nothing special/extraordinary happening to them to write about on their own blog 😀

    (but for the record: actually, I have a good life because I like so much work)

  8. Commenting is a part of life too. 😀 At least for me. I learned new things, got some important information, got some brain food, a few laughs and so on. 🙂 Plus, I DO have things to write about on my own blog. More and more every day actually… 😉

  9. Yes, you are both right. I tend to assume positions (say things) sometimes solely for their dramatic (or, even more often, ironic) effect – it’s a passion to play I can’t shake off. But then I’m not the only one.

    I do hope more and more people will “win” because of the things they want to happen in the world and not because of themselves 🙂

  10. I don’t know about you, but my life will never be so perfect as to stop trying to improve it. In general I enjoy it a lot and cherish it, but every now and then something happens that gets me thinking I am/was wrong, maybe that I simply didn’t know everything or that some patterns are dysfunctional and don’t serve me well. 🙂

    Yes, I’m a big fan of constant learning, personal growth and changes. 🙂

  11. Sunshine: Mine is not perfect, either, but after all these years of thinking, discovering and doing personal research on my life, I’ve grown tired of it and I need to think about external things. Which means this simple, general satisfaction will do. It is also the first time I have enough time to think about political and similar matters (And I’m 34 already).

    Pengovsky, this is also my opinion.But since I lost the debate on experts against my husband, I’ll stick to the general formulation (before I pick it up again one day): we need more people who are more interested in Things (outcomes, useful procedures, sequences of cause and result…) than Themselves positioned on the very top of things.

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