Apparently the free part of the blogosphere is again under attack, but I saw my very first Piramida talk-show today and was immediately stung by the following…

Žnidaršič… Erika Žnidaršič

OK, I may be both tone deaf and Bond-prone. But does the theme of Piramida sound like a Bond theme ripoff to anyone else?

Please, compare and comment – and please notice the rhythm of both clips…

Piramida theme
James Bond theme

P.S.: How the hell do you get Audio Plugin to work 👿

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18 thoughts on “Ripoff?”

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on that – it seems I’m very bad at noticing such things. (Apart from the fact that I don’t care much about Piramida, ever since…you know).

    I did have a similar interesting moment while listening to RSi not long ago: I was murmuring “…so bileee tiste krave?…” when my husband suddenly wanted to know why I was listening to the Soviet anthem? At first I didn’t believe him but then it turned out he was right. Only that Predin did acknowledge the source on his CD, as I found out…

    It used to be very common in our parts to copy foreign music without asking, no?

  2. That doesn’t sound like a ripoff to me. But “I can’t take my hands of you” also doesn’t sound like “Twist in my sobriety” as you claim.

    Alcessa: Zadnja večerja is a copy of a Soviet anthem?!?!?!?!? 🙁 That’s a total shock to me. 🙁 I LOVE that song!!

  3. @Sunshine: Didn’t you know that? The Pet Shop Boys did the same with their hit “Go West”, where they (ab)used Soviet anthem.

    If you want some more Predin vs. Anyone-else, here’s an ancient post by the venerable Michaelle M.. Predin vs. U2.

    I don’t know about you two, but I definitely hear a Bond rhythm (seven notes) in Piramida theme – albeit in a fast forward version.

    Perhaps alcessa should ask her hubby, what he thinks about that 🙂

  4. Could it be possible that there is a rule stating that a musical rippoff starts at 8 notes? I thought I read about that somewhere…

  5. /serious mode/ : Actually, I have a sneaky suspicion that there are men in this world who will notice things about music or remember most of the things said in a conversation far better than …me (possibly other women, too?). I wasn’t surprised yesterday when it turned out you remembered much more about things said than your lovely cenversation partner… And I really am interested in real people (not so much categories or abstract types, only if they help me understand concrete persons better) and love talking to them.
    In other words, I can feel a grey hair growing on my head any time when my dearest says “Remember the time you said…?” 🙁

  6. His lovely conversation partner (damn, this sounds like a typical example of an euphemism 😀 ) didn’t know what he was referring to (the first or the last part of my sentence that was discussed). When I figured that out, I also knew what were the things said. After all… it was worth remembering. 😀

  7. @ Alcessa: From my experience there are very few men that will notice things about music, listen very carefully and so on. But there are some! I know a living personification of this type of man. And I cherished every single moment when I witnessed that. Unfortunately, there were many other crucial characteristics that were just “wrong”. But I still love people that are interested about what’s going on around them and who are good listeners. 😉

    And to clear things up. There are not that many women that have an attention span longer than the one of a gold fish. 🙁

  8. Multitasking… Women are capable of doing several things at once, thus multiplying the amount of information processed at a given moment, effectivelly shortening the attention span…

    …And I don’t agree that women have an average attention span of a gold fish. At least that of a trout 😀

    Seriously: when it comes to bad things, women tend to have a much longer memory…

  9. Yes, you said it. I seem to remember bad things much better. As if it were necessary not to forget them, to be able to react appropriately next time….

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