Various Pussies

Just a couple of pussies today…. 😀

A pussy, listening to the Rolling Stones

A pussy, listening to hip hop

Pussies listening to Metallica

A pussy, listening to Stevie Wonder

A pussy listening to the Beatles

A pussy on ectasy listening to techno

UPDATE: Upon close examination of the images, I realized that the source is here

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89 thoughts on “Various Pussies”

  1. Just a coincidence, my dear… I’ve been pressed for time and I had to post something… I hope it’s at least a bit funny.

  2. Actually, I seem to be ill – a bit. Which IS boring, but it also keeps me even busier.
    A challenge? Well, you wrote about death and dying and still we spend most of our time here. Lets see…

    Which household chore do you hate the most?

  3. I love that, too.
    But before you find that strange: it is sort of relaxing for me – I like water and I don’t have to look at a monitor or type while washing… Also, dirty dishes make me feel uneasy (while I’m still able not to see dust everywhere it appears)…

  4. I couldn’t have: no TV here…
    But I do use Pril, how did you find that out? 🙂
    I think I even use Persil, though I’m not sure…

  5. Really? That surprised me. 😕 I usually do it on my way and I hardly even notice I did it. Ironing on the other hand is soooooo boring for me. 🙁

  6. Oh, I forgot to mention that I do absolutely nothing without my little friend: an MP3 player. Of the most famous brand. That way, ironing is a piece of fun. Imagine “Hir aj kam hir aj go” by Magnifico and tons of shirts and trousers 🙂
    I love to listen to Mariah Carey when doing the dishes…

  7. I don’t know… It must be because I actually despise her for displaying everything she hasn’t got most of the time, but I still like her voice. It’s a love-hate-relationship and I seldom confess publicly that I own her latest CD… 🙂

  8. @Sunshine? Don’t you use lubricant? 😛

    @alcessa: Maybe because she has a squeaky-clean voice… Makes the dishes even cleaner 😉

  9. @Pengovsky: Maybe, yes 🙂

    Any singers you don’t like?

    *trying to kill the lubricant-discussion with all her might*

  10. Well, I do when needed, but I use my favorite milk&honey Oriflame hand cream for my hands. 😉 Besided, I’ve never heard of anyone squeezing a good portion of a lubricant on his palms and then rubbing it in.

  11. P.S. Would you please stop with those kinky topics? Alcessa is trying to do her best to keep us on the right path. 😛 Besides… I’m a shy person. Discussions about sex make me uncomfortable 😀 😀

  12. I use protective gloves. Yes, I do and I am not ashamed of it.

    Tell me, how do you do the devil – I think I may need “it”?

  13. Yes, Sunshine: I am really trying to do my best. Ironing, it was, no?
    No, Sunshine: if you are shy then I am slim. So.


  14. @Sunshine: riiiiight 😀 Besides… I like veering off the right path… And who said anything about sex? I just asked if you use lubricant… And there you go thinking about sex again…tsk, tsk, tsk…

    @alcessa: Protective gloves? During washing, I presume? Or ironing? 😉

    devil: double colon-evil-double colon

  15. Well, not during sex, to speak your mind.


    I like pushing you (us) to the right path, because deviations are much more entertaining 🙂

    So: how do you do your dishes?

  16. @ pengovsky: I just told you I only know one way of using lubricant. And it is definitely not as a hand cream. Sex? Again? When was the last time I did it? 😉

    @ alcessa: Topless usually during the summer. 😀 😀 (you said you like deviations, right?) And without protecting gloves. 🙂

  17. @Sunshine: Using the lubricant – but not for your hands? As anti-aging cream?

    Topless? That’s not kinky. Naked. Singing Mariah Carey. Or similar. 🙂

  18. Singing Mariah Carey would be gross. You don’t want to hear me singing. 😉 I warned you. Nudity, well I’ll leave that to others to decide.

  19. Well, no one can sing like Mariah Carey. Not even Mariah Carey. You don’t like her either?

    About *bleep*: You can leave your hat on!

  20. @alcessa: O-kay! 😀 Just as long as we both play the game 😉

    @Sunshine: Not sure about you, but I definitely know when was the last time for me 😛

    Doing dishes topless? I agree… Not kinky. Close, but no cigar. Try fully-clad, doing Michael Jackson impersonation… Who’s bad?! 😀

  21. I see my pedagogical efforts are wasted on you… 😀

    Sunshine: may I suggest a good answer? It goes like this: Right now.

  22. Hehe! It’s so funny to read you guys climbing through topics. Yeah, from pussy to cleaning. Hmmm..maybe those 2 topics relate more than it seams in the first place. 😉

  23. God, i’m going to far…hehe, let’s stop at this point…only words are not enough to understand…I’m joking to much today, i guess in a good mood..

  24. Me? Scared? Never!!!

    @ pengovsky: Can I ask you a harder question? When was the last time you know you DIDN’T think about it? 😛

    And I’m too old to impersonate Michael Jacskson. Do you thin MC Hammer would do? 😉

    @ alcessa: Should I answer “Yes sir”?

    @ Burja: Why don’t you join our climbing expeditions more often? 😉

  25. Sunshine: actually I though you’d repeat it. It was not about me. 😀 (There is so much going on I hope I understood you correctly)

  26. @alcessa: is that Spangreek?

    @Sunshine: Answering a question with a question? Not fair… 😀 but to answer your question: Throughout this morning, come to think of it… I must be getting old…

  27. Haha, Alcessa, i had to buy good enough climbing gear, now i’m ready to join.2nd q.: is taht really d sentence in greek or just your great sense of improvisation?

  28. @ alcessa: I’m lost. 😳 You’re not sure you understood me correctly, but I have no ideas what you were talking about. 🙁

    @ pengovsky: You can punish me if it’s not fair. 😛

    And yes, you’re getting old and gray and grumpy. Work on that please. 😉

  29. We figured out what kanenas means and everything ending on “os” or “as” does sound greekish a bit. But I would strongly object that it sounds like Spanish. Spanish sounds much more erotic. 😛

  30. I find British English sounds…erotiish
    Spanish sounds a bit too hectic for me.
    And I haven’t heard much Greek in my life, so I can’t really say anything about it.

    *whispering* I suggested you answer the “When was the last time you”-question with Right now…. 🙂 Sorry for interfering like that 😀 I couldn’t resist.

  31. @Sunshine: Punish you… me like… It would however be dirty… So you won’t claim I didn’t warn you 🙂

    I accept my age as it comes, I also like the fact that I’m getting gray, as for grumpy? Only on even days 😀

  32. O jaz pa ne, o jaz pa ne, kako sva si različna 😀 😀

    Btw, why don’t you listen to Kanenas a few times to get a grip of Greek language? 😉

    About the misunderstood question: Call me weird, but I don’t want to go there. 😳

  33. @ pengovsky: So that I won’t or that I wouldn’t claim? 😀 😉

    The line from our Slovenian old song refers to alcessa’s enthusiasm about British English.

  34. You see, I’m the great pretend-
    Erm, I take care that certain communication standards are being respected here, in this place.

    Now, excuse me, I have to laugh once more. 😀

  35. @ pengovsky & anyone interested: If I remember correctly you liked Scotland a lot. If you’re interested they have a traditional Scotish 8-member band (bagpipes & stuff) playing in Piano bar tonight at 20.00 PM. The entrance is free of charge.

  36. Hehe, it’s so great we don’t know eachother, so we take every word we write for granted.
    This are the standards I respect not becouse I’m here, but becouse I have no intention of revealing them in any circumstances..So I guess we are both..bla bla…

  37. Great… Aye, I just might show up, have me a wee bit auld Gaelic music, a dram of Glenfiddich, reminding me of bogs, lochs and nesses. You gonna be there too, lassie?

  38. Yep, I’m planning to. There’s a project starting here at work in …. erm… 15 minutes so I better run. But I’ll do my best to appear there. 😉

  39. Dunno…. It was love at first sight, and when I finally got there, I was not disappointed. Whisky, the accent, the attitude, the mysticism… I have no idea really. It just happened.

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