“Ne grem na Kanenas

Saška Lendero is not exactly my all time favourite Slovene singer… Especially due to the fact that she cannot make up her mind as to wheather to go with “turbofolk” or to stick to the Dalmatian melos which is even more annoying in my humble opinion. Some have newfound respect for Saška, and while I’ve no doubt that she is a professional (afterall, it takes a whole person to keep her gig going), and I’ll admit that she may find her way into the Friday Foxies category if I can get my mouse on some of her nude photos, I seriously can’t stomack her music. But – degustibus non disputandum est

However, the reason for this post is not her music… We’ll it is actually. Specifically, her latest hit single “Ne grem na kolena” (“I won’t go down on my knees”)

OFFTOPIC: Don’t you just love the double meaning? I wish they’d stop with such obvious allusions to sex. Really

Anyways: As you can see from the videos below, Saška’s song is suspiciously simmiliar to a song titled “Kanenas”, performed by Anna Vissi a Greek pop singer. The fact that the two pop-diva-wannabes look very much alike is probably just a concidence. Or not. 😀

Say “živjo” to Saška…

…and say “kalimera” to Anna.

Truth be told, Saška’s record company Menart did give credit to Nikos Karvelas, who (as it happens) is Anna’s husband. Nikos is credited as composer, arranger and author of lyrics. So basically Saška had very little to do with her hit single – except to record it. But they sure didn’t advertise that fact…

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  1. ah…saska is the top of the slovenian anoying music cake…but the problem is: I was a dj on a private party on sathurday…played “ne grem na kolena” (because requested) and it “rocked” for everybody. But in years making people happy with music I realised that the dumber a slovenian song gets, the more sucess it has. Fredi Miler, JO-ZO, Kingston and many many others make music for people “without” musical taste or concience. I would say the same for Petar Graso, Danijela, Karan and other croatian musical immigrants to slovenia.

  2. Double meaning?! There is no double meaning in the song, there is hardly any single meaning left… 🙂

    I like the Greek version (original), though, because of the sound of the language (and possibly because I don’t understand the lyrics) and of course for the most obvious reason one likes a Greek song: it’s so ethno! So maybe you should play the Greek version when being DJ to Slovenian masses? 🙂

    Funny, I’ve been ranting about the power of stupid people today, too 😀

  3. @ Alcessa: have you overlooked the cute guys in the background (in Greek version)? I guess you would have mentioned them otherwise. 😛

  4. @alcessa: I just might… But the thing is I would immediately get the request for Saška’s song, and I’d have to say that I don’t have it, bringing tears to the girl’s eyes…

    @Dietmar: Not sure I care 😉

  5. @Sunshine: I’ve decided to stop mentioning cute guys – first of all, it’s just not appropriate at my age, and then, one can never tell – maybe one day someone decides to abuse the fruits of my online eloquence…
    (But to answer your question: I haven’t):-D

    @Pengovsky: you have a real problem there. What I also noticed is that Saska’s interpretation is “oozing with honey” and making me want to reach for insulin… Ljeh.

  6. Hehe ethno guys… Nice example of “the judgment of Solomon”. 😉 (Found it in a dictionary. 😀 I would simply say Solomon’s solution as the Slovenian version implies).

    I’m wondering how much much does Saška’s sad story (about an abusing relationship she was in) has to do with the popularity of this song. After all it says “…preveč sem sebe dala, pljuvala sem si v obraz, ponos teptala…” I found the lyrics here.

  7. I don’t know the details. 😳 AFAIK she mentioned in some interviews that she spent several years in a relationship where her partner was abusing her, putting her down, telling her what to do, limiting her and controlling in any possible way. I don’t remember if physical abuse was involved as well. 🙁 if you’re interested I’m sure you can find something about it relatively easy. 😉

  8. 😀 I’m sure I can… But unsure whether I want to, really. The less I know about Saška “I-massage-my-boobs-to-make-them-bigger” Lendero, the more happy I am 😀

  9. The only thing about her boobs that I don’t get, is why she didn’t allow someone else to massage them for her. That would have to positive effects at the same time. 😀 😛

  10. I’m convinced she did let someone else…well…shape them 😳 When God sees Saška, I’m sure he goes “I didn’t make those…” 😀

  11. Well, I’ll take the word of an expert. 😉 I only watch boobs of others, touch mine and none have ever said whoop. 😉

  12. Well, there you go! You don’t need me to know that 🙂 I touch both mine and those of others (when allowed/appropriate), and none of them ever made any noise…

  13. And hers are supposed to say that (whoop)?!? I know ignorance is a bliss, and I don’t watch Saška that often, especially not that close as to hear her boobs squeal. 😀

  14. Well, as I implied I find it hard to believe that she got her “boobage” (a new term, describes size of a womans breasts) just by massaging her you-know-whats

  15. I know what. Her boobage. 😀

    And I don’t believe her fairytales either. She just appears so incredibly empty-headed when she talks about this, that I instantly switch into the “you poor naive little thing” mode. 😀

  16. Empty headed perhaps (although, there is an off-chance that it’s all an acting job), but certainly not empty-bra’d 😀

    But her music is still terrible… No matter the boobage 😉

  17. *shocked* If you’d watch good porn you wouldn’t have to do that. 😛

    I do that (with music videos) when I’m in a bad mood – I turn on one of the music channels and turn off the sound. The faces they make while singing are simply hilarious. 😀 you should try it once. 😉

  18. Yep, there is such thing as good porn. I haven’t found any flawless porn yet, but good… yes. Example? I will not go into describing details now, but I can deliver you a dvd once. And good porn works on computers as well. 😉

  19. Just the title – and you can still deliver the dvd 🙂 I have found a good porn move, but it’s Swedish, and as I don’t understand a word of the lingo, I still turn the sound off 😀

  20. Maybe alcessa would be kind enough to do the simultaneous translation once she starts her Swedish home course. 😀 Entertainment guaranteed and a perfect excuse for a live meeting once she wanders into our little country. 😉 👿

  21. Now thank me for a good idea and cross your fingers that she’ll agree. 😉 *hides and pretends to be invisible for when alcessa reads this*

  22. What makes you think I can sigh in Swedish? Like, ever?!?


    Also: the nature of our live meeting is starting to worry me!

  23. I have faith in you. You’ll learn how to curse in Swedish soon enough. Curses are usually the easiest part. About the live meeting: I’m not the deangerous one here. 😉 *points her finger at the host of this discussion*

    And I’ll let mister, miss and the moose arrange their own threesome now. 😛

    Damn, now she has found me. I should have kept my mouth shut. Ouch… Could you please pull your antlers out of my body.

  24. No happy ending if he meant the Little Grinding Hood.

    Now, will you excuse me, I’ve just come back to fetch the hoof I left on the stairs… 🙂

  25. I have severe wounds. 🙁 I’ll tell you later if I get better. But you can save me from further attacks if you’d like to be a gentleman. 😉

  26. *puts on a smiling face* Here, big bad Moose… have some vodka! Leave the little blonde Riding Hood alone… Maybe she’ll join us later on, for a drinking game… Or just to disinfect her wounds… There,there… Bottom’s up! 😀

  27. Wow, you’re sooooo sweeet. 😛 Thank you my savior! :*

    P.S.1. I don’t want you to see me drinking. You’d tease me about that forever. 😉 So disinfecting wounds it is (if the tactics for distracting the big bad moose won’t work)
    P.S.2 46 easy AND enjoyable steps. 😀

  28. Let’s summarize: two girls start an arguement about a porn movie and start to do some mud-wrestling. After a while Pengovski comes along with a bottle of booze. Like the plot of what does this sound like? Ts ts…. 🙂 And a google-Ad, that promotes a (quote:) “shocking website” … 😀

  29. @Dietmar: That’s a plot of a documentary revealing a “behind-the-scenes” of a porn movie, obviously 🙂

    @alcessa: That was me resetting the Matrix 😀

  30. @Sunshine: Oooo, just notices I got a kiss! 😳

    *bows humbly*: ‘t was my pleasure, fair lady. Saving thee from such a moose’d wrath, ’tis in the least this man can do.

    (couldn’t help myself… I was reading Shakespeare the other night :))

  31. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I will let you know if I’ll ever need protection again. You seem to be good at it, because the big bad moose has calmed down.

    P.S. I was reading Memorias de mis putas tristes and I can’t find any useful lines from there I could use to reply to you. 😛 😉

  32. Let me not to the marriage of true minds
    admit impediments…
    Yet: no kinky porn shalt ever have me
    contibute in any way to its many sighs
    As long as you shalt live and I can see
    this film shalt be acted out solely by thee…

    *drapes her cloak around herself dramatically and leaves again*

  33. Can someone explain why the first smile out of five didn’t work, and the other four did?? :O

    P.S. Did you know that Kanenas means “nobody”?

  34. (as if yelling to a retreating moose:)
    To have or to have not…
    A question ask’d time and again
    But still an asnwer is yearn’d
    Porn shan’t have thee, big bad moose
    But hast thou porn to beign with?

    (to audience)
    Look! A wrath of a valiant gentleman is requir’d, see?
    For moose to retreat from sight of yee.
    Still, remain, fear not. Our production shan’t soon stop.
    Findeth our fair lady words or not,
    Will the moose return or will remain from whence it came, to rot?

    (to Fair lady:)
    Fear not, melady, this humble servant of yee virtue shan’t let anyone violate you, unless you will have whish’d for it to be done so…

    P.S: The first smiley didn’t work because it needs a space left and right from it. And no, I didn’t know about “kanenas”, but it does make sense 😀 The title of the post I mean…

  35. My old beantlered head doth contain
    countless images of
    boundless passion, but
    alas! enclosed therein
    they will remain
    till the Day of Moose…

    As for thy plans and thy lady
    my way with gold is to be paved
    should you wish me to serve thee
    Ay! There’s the rub;
    to serve as your foe, to pretend to die
    for your missus to be saved
    -to put it simply: this moose wants to be paid.

  36. Man, you people really have a lot of time on your hands. How do you manage to write all this comments? Don’t you have like – I dunno – things to do?
    (Just wondering…I’ve been meaning to ask this for some time now.)
    Well, whatever floats your boat(s). 🙂 Enjoy it! 🙂

  37. Mali: I do have work. Lots and lots of it. That’s the problem.

    But, you do seem to have enough time to read everything? 😀

  38. Alcessa: I knew somebody would notice that. 🙂 Yeah, I shouldn’t really, I have a load of work to do too but of course it’s a great way of procrastinating. 🙂 I better stop now and get back to it. 🙂 Good luck with your work!

  39. @ Alcessa, pengovsky: You two are great literates. I can only run and hide on this field. 🙁

    @ pengovsky: So what will be the sign to prevent you from stopping the desired one to violate me?

    @ alcessa: And whats the best currency for the payment for the moose? 😉

    @ mali: Guess what. I have a lot of work as well. That’s why I’m in my office since 8.30 in the morning. 🙁 My coworker has brakes for cigarettes, I have them for some amusing word battles. 😀

  40. @Sunshine: I’m just pretending to be literate cause I’m not in the mood for work… 😀

    I’m also not sure who gets violated in the end?!? And who wants to?!?

    Erm… moose currency? Give me some more time to think about it… 😳

    (Oh and – I owe you one more answer: with deja vu I meant our trialogues always being of the same kind)

  41. Hehe, I just finished my work. Finnaly! One more day of 12-hour shift tomorrow and than back to “normal” hours. Lucky me! 😛

    No one gets violated for now. My cavalier promised to protect me from anyone violating me, “unless you will have whish’d for it to be done so”. And I just wanted to make sure he will know who NOT to stop in case I’d like the violator. 😉

    Let us know about the moose currency. It’s certainly good to have an ace up one’s sleeve in case the moose’s antlers get wild again.

    About the deja vu. What amazes me even more is that we do it regardless of the location – your blog, my blog, here… Well my blog was conquered the least so far. 😉

  42. Pengovsky: I don’t really want a car. And I definitely don’t want a Mercedes – I’m not THAT old and my moustache is almost invisible! 😀
    But I guess a salad would be an ideal form of payment. Very moosey, no? 🙂

  43. Sunshine: Hats off to you! How about getting a different job? 🙂
    Pengovsky: I prefer talking to people in person. Virtual reality is not really my cup of tea … too virtual, not real enough (+ highly addictive 🙂 ). It’s fun to read though. 😉

  44. P.: I’d love to catch up but unfortunately I’m chained to my desk, doing something I should have done ages ago. In fact I shouldn’t even be writing this … see this is what I hate about the computer, you HAVE to use it but there are all these distractions … :/

  45. @ pengovsky: Drink can not be a non-success if you’re enjoying some quality time with great friends. 😉 But thank you for pleasant wishes anyway.

    @ mali: The only problem with your suggestion is that I love my job (when I work regular hours – which is pretty often). 😉

    P.S. I tried posting almost the same comment around 2 AM tonight, but there were some problems with your blog. 🙁

  46. Dear pengovsky,
    for your information Anna Vissi is not a wannabe pop diva, but the ultimate pop diva in Greece and in the music scene for the last 25-30 years!
    Her album “Nylon” with the song “Kanenas”(=Nihče) was released in 2005.


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