Science Fiction?

Barack Obama for president?

The Land of Plenty is gearing up for post-Bush era… US Senator for Illinois Barack Obama has just set up a Presidential Exploratory Committee – the first step of many which could possibly lead to his running for the Oval Office. But is the switch from a “compassionate conservative” to the first black President of the US of A really possible? Pengovsky is sceptical…. I’d like to see it, but this is the real world…

BTW: to quote Robin Williams: “Compassionate conservative? I don’t know what that is… Sounds like a Volvo with a gun-rack 😀

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4 thoughts on “Science Fiction?”

  1. Maybe Barack can be her VP nominee… A republican nightmare. Another Clinton in office, with a black VP, and a Democratic-controlled congress 😀

  2. It’s way too early. Even with the early 07 posturing. Hillary would be a big mistake. It’s virtually impossible to put into words how much the right wing HATES Hillary. And she’s simply got too much baggage they the opposition will use to their advantage. I don’t understand why some democrats are openly and enthusiastically supporting her for prez. Who the usually spineless democrats eventually pick may not even matter. Lots of people are convinced that Bush is going to announce the capture of Osama (not Obama) sometime in Sept or Oct 08. 🙂

  3. Yeah, I can imagine that the prospect of she-Clinton as the Prez sends shivers down every self-respectable Republican spine 😀

    As for the “October surprise”, the thought hadn’t occured to me, but it sounds plausible. But I guess it also depends whom the GOP will nominate as the presidential candidate.

    What about Alberto Gore? Does he stand any chance? Americans don’t like losers, right? But then again Nixon lost to Kennedy (in a smilirally narrrow election) but was elected President in 1968 nevertheless

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