Now That’s What I Call Erotica

A couple of days ago Alcessa provoked me in the comments to say something about the actors and actresses I’m fond of… Well, more than just fond of – for me Humprey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner and maybe even Judy Garland represent an age past, when there was love, murder, betrayal, cigarette smoke, values and it was all in black and white. The H’wood version of film noir. Bogey is one of my all time favourites, but the purpose of this post is to show that one does not need tits and a lot of skin to show passion. Sometimes, a look is all it takes:

The “Acme Bookstore scene” from “The Big Sleep

This is probably one of the best scenes Bogart ever played in. And the yummy-looking woman next to him is Dorothy Malone (and not Judy Garland as I have though). Boy does she look sexy…

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22 thoughts on “Now That’s What I Call Erotica”

  1. I don’t think I’ve seen desire in this form before: the tongue doing that thing while a bow, a belt and probably a mirriad of buttons are doing their job of covering any indecent exposures…

    Since I don’t know many films of this kind and haven’t been exposed to desire as portrayed in the films of the first half of the 20th century much, I am quite surprised at how genuine it looks. I buy it.

    So do we need the term “postmodernism” to explain why someone with such taste in films is showing by far the most flesh on his blog? 🙂

  2. It’s way too early for me to think such deep thoughts. I just know that I’d pick the above kind of erotica over “Friday Foxies” of this blog any day of the week and twice on Sundays…

  3. Hm, this is my way of trying to wake up. Erotica and Deep Thoughts.
    A propos erotica: I’ve fallen for Dita von Teese…

    You don’t sound sleepy at all… 🙂

  4. Dita von Tesse looks ravishing… But she strikes me as retro-wannabe. She immediately qualified for a Friday Foxy, though :))

    As far as mornings are concerned, my brain (what’s left of it) is incapable of abstract thinking before noon 🙂 Erotica, however, will pass any time of the day 😉 😉

    Sleepy? No, I’m not. But I can hardly be after a triple dose of caffeine and six-and-a-half hours of sleep 😀

  5. Hej, I like that: Dita von Teese as Friday Foxy!

    Actually, I didn’t want you to do any deep thinking about the Meaning and the General Direction of Your Blog, I was just teasing you a bit about… well, about the dichotomy between your taste as perceived in the above piece of publication and the general appearance of your personal version of the medium for web publication called weblog.

    Stop! I’m leaving I’m leaving!
    Don’t shoot, mister!

  6. (do it like Bogey): “Don’t worry angel, I ain’t shootin’. Kindda hard to shoot a damsel. Or did you see one movie too many?” 😀

    But to be honest: I’m acutelly aware of the dichotomy. I guess it reflects my personal dichotomy: While I pride myself in having a very liberal Weltanschaung, that is to say, that I share libertarian values, I have a very conservative personality.

  7. Uf, thank you. No shooting then. I’m going to work on my art of tease, I promise.

    Conservative (I belong to the club, too):
    Aren’t you actually just searching for, finding and admiring more universal, more or less timeless… things, ideas, principles etc.? As in contrast to specifical, time-bound phenomena, fashionable and more subjective occurrences of everything? I wonder if you’ll agree. And if you do: is this conservative?

  8. I do agree indeed. And that is conservative in my opinon… At least as opposed to other people’s inclination to embrace anything new.

    I on the other hand like to think that the “new” things are actually just old patterns being recycled and taken one step further in their absurdness.

    More on being conservative: While I welcome change, I’m not sure that all change is for the better. If it were, why put it to the test? That’s why I can identify easily with many of Bogey’s charaters: the seen-it-all cynicsim which still doesn’t want to stop change. As long as change can be watched from the sidelines, silently shaking the head in disbelief.

    Am I making any sense?

  9. More on second paragraph of my last comment:

    Jim Morrison (of all the people!) said: New music is old music played twice as fast and half as good. Imagine him saying that… But then again.. He was a Sagittarius, wasn’t he? 😉

  10. Of course you are making sense. It’s what I was asking about.
    Now, I’m going to to some terminology work (we are nearing noon and I think you can think already), which also concerns some generalizations (which is a bad thing per se, but will serve to say what I want):

    For me, conservative people mostly fear changes and do not REALLY care about ALL universal issues, just those conservative ones that help them survive in their time – they find out about their presence and importance while developing as a person.

    A “universalist” will love new things as long as he lives, but will always be looking for their universal potential – like: do they teach me anything new about the universal state of things I haven’t found out yet? Can I deduce anthing from them? He won’t cling to time-bound, temporary things with all his heart. And he will be interested in all things universal, not just those that concern his temporary presence in life. A “classic”, that’s what he should be called.

    Yeees, a Sagittarius and a drunkard, wasn’t he? 🙂

  11. Very good! “classic” as opposed to “conservative”. I like it Sedi, pet 😀

    I’m impressed by your ability to point out the subtle differences between the two. I tried to do the same, but repeatedly failed, thus settling for me being conservative… Now I know I’m not 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Oh, it does not mean you are not: in the eyes of many of your observers, you will be (no?).

    But thank you for cooperation: it’s the first time I had an opportunity to actually talk about this topic.

  13. Well, I do firmly believe that one is what one makes of himsefl/herself, and not what other think of him/her…

    And it’s been my pleasure to cooperate 🙂

    Re: Jim Morrison: Yes, a Sag and a drunkard he was. Much like Winston Churchill 😀

  14. Hehe, I’ve noticed already in her comments on my blog. She has an amazing ability to verbalize subtle things. Sedi pet indeed. 😉

  15. Oh you are both eloquent as hell (this one hell of a a very positive compliment)

    And it’s not many topics that this old lady with a moustache can talk about at length…

    (something went wrong with the previous comment, sorry)

  16. Pengovsky, do delete any of my clumsy previous posts (No.1 and 3 maybe?) if you have time, I was multitasking and it all went wrong…

    As far as I know, to verbalise simply means to express with words. Without saying how, orally or in written form.

    (Anyway, as you have noticed yourself, I was just trying to find out whether you might have similar ideas about things…). It is 16.15 PM and I am finally awake…

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