It’s been a long time since an email made me laugh out loud. But ths one just cracked me up. Our beloved president spreading peace on Earth and goodwill toward mankind. Now all I need is a semi-competent musician and we can make a video 🙂


Just some thoughts on Janez Drnovšek, a.k.a. “Drle”:

I’m glad he’s our president. Not because of his Movement, which (full disclosure) I am a member of, but because he does present a certain degree of uncertainty in Slovene politics, which breeds fresh and unconventional thinking, necesary for society as a whole to move forward. When Drnovšek is gone (I still mantain that we are about to have Slovenia’s first state funeral some time soon), this country will fall into the abbys of carefully staged public and press events, with the tendency to amass power in a single pair of hands going on in the background.

Right now Janez D. and the Constitutional Court are the only two instances which help maintain a democratic division of power. With Drle gone, the Constitutional Court will find it hard to maintain independence on its own as its members are proposed by the President and elected by the Parliament. So we might just as well enjoy Drnovšek as long as we have him.

Oh and one final note: I definitely don’t like the way he mixes his movement with his presidency. He should keep the two separate and if he can’t, then he must choose between leading the Movement and leading Slovenia. The way things stand now, he’s loosing credibitily on both counts.

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2 thoughts on “Drle-groove”

  1. There is something I’ve been wondering about all along: why do you all presume “he soon won’t be with us anymore”? Does he look that ill? Or is it impossible to believe one can overcome cancer by avoiding doctors?
    Maybe, subconsciously of course, he knows he is not going to live, hmm, forever, and he doesn’t really care that much what people think about his mixing up his philosophy and his job. There is this (Hinduist? Buddhist?) figure of a man who grows up, works, sires children, gains importance, only to leave it all behind at some higher age to go on a quest for truth. And beauty. And all the fish. Maybe this is his innermost need now.

  2. It’s simple: Indeed he does look that ill. Last time I saw it was at a signing of his book (I was covering the event) and I came to the conclusion that this man cannot be healthy. First of all, he is a walking skeleton. I’ve know of the “starve the cancer” approach, he’s taking it to extremes.

    Furthermore, if you listen to his statements on his health, he never said that he overcame cancer (quite the oposite, in fact). Instead, he says that he doesn’t concern himself with his illness and is feeling good. I’m not saying he’s lying, because I’m sure he’s not. But what he’s saying is just as important as what he isn’t saying.

    I have great admiration for the man, the way he reinvented himself and am proud to have voted for him. But the hard cold fact is that he has cancer which has spread troughout his body and that his chances of living for a long time are slim at best.

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