Požar is out!

Obviously a fake front-page of today’s Direkt (by Pengovsky)

As of yesterday the notorious Bojan Požar is no longer Editor-in-Chief of Direkt tabloid newspaper. One might argue why spend a single keystroke on an editor of a tabloid, since their kind are a dozen a dime. But Bojan Požar is the embodiement of the “Dark side of the Force” of Slovene journalism. He is roumoured to have files on every VIP, wannabe and has-been in Slovenia. Much like Sid Hudgens, the murky journalistic character played by Danny DeVito in L.A. Confidential (off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush).

The official reason for Požar’s dismissal is the failure to reach an agreement on his contract for 2007. Direkt is published by Dnevnik media corporation, whose flagship newspaper Dnevnik took somewhat of a beating when the latest circulation numbers were published. The real reason might be both financial and political. Direkt is roumored to fare quite badly at the newsstands, well below the expected sales. On the political scale of things, however, Bojan Požar might have become to much of a liability for Dnevnik media house.

Namely: Dnevnik newspaper is trying very hard to become the leading newspaper in Slovenia, dully spending ludicrous amounts of money for star journalists like Ervin Hladnik Milharčič, Ali H. Žerdin, Uroš Škerl, Rok Praprotnik, Bojan Veselinovič, et cetera. Adding them to other influential journalists like Vesna Vukovič, Meta Roglič, Sonja Vogrič and Vito Avguštin, Dnevnik became a star-studded newspaper. These people cost money, as do all the other journalists whose star has yet to shine – although I’m sure none of them will become rich just writing for Dnevnik. But it is imperative that Dnevnik cleans up its act and slowly gets rid of a dirt-mongering scandal-rag. It is also possible that getting rid of Požar was a price to pay for non-interference by the government, which must be getting increasingly annoyed by Dnevnik’s ever-sharper articles, especially in its Saturday edition.

Anyways, Požar is no more. Personally I won’t miss him. I never much cared for tabloid journalism, especially of Požar’s type, because I constantly got the impression that he was in somebody’s service. I mean, I know people can be just mean, but with several of Požar’s articles (even while still with Slovenske novice), Slovene journalism hit rock-bottom. And again. And again.

But being gone from Direkt doesn’t mean that Požar is gone for good. I’m sure that he will resurface somewhere else. He might try to convice Rupert Murdoch to invest in Slovenia. Who knows. With his files and expertise in collecting information while still in the Central Committee of the Communist Party (I’m told he was in charge of following German media) I’m sure he still hasn’t outlived his usefulness to the Dark Side. Be it left- or right-oriented.

I wonder what Jonas would say 🙂

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  1. “but with several of Požar’s articles (even while still with Slovenske novice), Slovene journalism hit rock-bottom.”

    Pozar and journalism in one sentence? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

    I’m so out of touch with the Slovenian media scene though that I’m rather intrigued by Dnevnik’s new approach. Me likes.

  2. POULETTE!!! About time you showed your lovely fingers on my humble blog! 😀

    Yes, I was rather startled by the news as well. I actually had to read Dnevnik’s press release twice, just to make sure.

    And yes, it is a contradiction in terms to put B.P. and journalism in the same sentence. But life’s full of surprises 😉

  3. I seriously had no time to comment, much less blog. I’ve been meaning to blogroll you as well, just haven’t got around to it yet.

  4. Pehh, having a private party like that without me, c c c…

    Jonas je indeed častil cele Vrhovce, Brdo, pa še Kozarje zraven. Smo bili pr Pečarič do ene 3-eh, dokler nas ni Majda ven fukníla, pol smo pa še v 14-ko produžili do ranih jutranjih ur. Sej bi Jonas še mal potegnu, sam je moru Zoki v vrtec pelat, pa je šel kr direkt…

    Must say I was quite flabbergasted to see the “Monday morning meat” category, specially the last post, so NSFW (and kinda tacky to be honest, but still a step forward with all that full frontal male nudity. He’s got wood alright (btw, did anyone else notice the slight comb-over?). And who knew Sean Connery was so buff in his younger age! But then again, he WAS 3rd in the Mr. Universe contest, so there…) ! But please do continue 😉
    Haven’t read much of the text yet, but will try this weekend, it looks promising, so just keep up the good work an take care.

  5. Willkommen, Welcome, Bienvenuti, Dobrodšel!!! :)))

    Torej sem imel prav? HA! And I was only guessing… Damn, I’m good! 😀

    As far as MMM category is concerned – don’t worry. There are enough eager eyes out there to make it worth. But there are already rammifications: ToboAds service asked me to pull their ad scripts due to pornography.

    I wanted to play dumb and ask “what pornography?!”, but I guess they’re right, at least accorting to their Terms of use, so out they went and were replaced by Google Ads. As this blog is getting increasingly English, Google makes more sense anyhow.

  6. @rainbow warrior: Še nekaj, kar me žre zadnje par mesecev: Enkrat pozno poleti (se mi zdi), sva se videla na busu, jaz sem pa nonšalantno odkorakal mimo. My appologies!

    Zdel si se mi znan, vendar nisem vedel od kje. Šele ko sem stopil z busa, sem se spomnil na Putkin 3-0 razvrat. Pač, takrat je bilo temno, jaz pa “slightly innebriated” 😉

  7. Argh, I’ve lost the suddenly discovered battle against the supporters of full frontal male nudity…
    Rainbow warrior: I thought for a very long time you were a woman (because of your comments on Poulette’s blog) and it did surprise me to find out you are not. I hope his is a compliment for you? 🙂

  8. pengy: indeed we met on the bus (the infamous 14-ka Vrhovci) and indeed I was rather taken aback by your ignore (despite putting on my bestest smile n’all…). It was prolly late August, you went off at Azur (what were you doing there, I don’t belive you live there or what, cos I’ve never seen you on the bus before or after), our eyes met 3 or 5 times (mmm, RW ponders the moment), and NADA. Pffff, and I thought I was the senior citizen with a cerebral disability… I wanted to write something on Poulette’s blog, but never found a way or opportunity to insert it. Even today writing, I remembered that “incident”, but it’s much more gratifying that you came clean first 🙂

    alcessa: dudette, I mean honestly, what blog were you reading this past year??!? LaPoulette always says HE, there was much discussion about my hairy arms, the visit of La Demence (boys only, remember?)… and if that wasn’t enough, the beyotch even posted my photo without my prior consent (pero la venganza será my suave). So what have you been thinking all this time, that I was a seriously butch dyke or what?!
    Or were you just trying to say that you used to think that, but don’t anymore (as in you realized it way before today)? I know, I’m confusing myself even…
    As for the compliment part – I really can’t find any appeal whatsoever in being considered a women from whichever angle I look at it, sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them obviously, but I enjoy being a guy A LOT! If it were for the rational and romantic and sensitive side of it (as a stereotypical women), it’d be great, but I fear I was never that, just this bitchy GBF (being bitchy is a prerequisite for a GBF), basically LaPoulette’s vulgar sidekick. So I’m still kinda lost on what gave you the idea I could possibly be a women… But do explain, and no hard feelings on my part (and hopefully none on yours, I know how cyber humor can easily get lost). 😉 back at ya

  9. @RW: If it’s any consolation to you: I’m ashamed of myself just as you were ashamed of me. As far as the bus is concerned: I lived there (Brdo) until recently, but being a city slicker I moved my ass from and to work strictly by car. Buses in Ljubljana disgust me from my high school days.
    But on that traumatic day my ride was at the mechanic, so I had to resort to mass transportation. The cultural shock of being back on the bus might have added to my ignorance. And I too distinctly remember our eyes meeting a couple of times but my brain went “click, click…hum… click” and the query “where do I know this guy from?!” yielded no results. Shame on me…

    @alcessa: Svakog dana u svakom pogledu sve više napreduješ i sve si bolja i bolja 🙂

  10. Rainbow Warrior: yes, it was your visiting Poulette and her telling about it that caused me to realize that you are a man. Now, obviously, I didn’t want to insult you or provide a lame joke either, I really wondered myself about it and simply thought I’d tell you about my confusion.
    It must be all the “bitching” going round in Poulette’s blog that confused me – maybe because my experience with male and female friends is much simpler…
    So, yes, it turns out I’m a social simpleton sometimes, but at least a well-meaning one 😀

  11. RW: Best comment ever! Too bad it’s not on MY blog.

    Alcessa: LOL, LOL, LOL! I’m sure I’d hate the RW if he were a girl: a major bitch, possibly of the boyfriend stealing variety! Were a girl to shower me with such comments I’d probably slap the insolent slut! But as far as fags are concerned, the bitchier the better, I say!

  12. Poulette, consider me well-informed from now on 🙂

    AND: I was actually really curious about Rainbow Warriors’s answer to my question/confusion and he did tell me all there was to know, which I find is really nice. The/My, let’s call it this, gender confusion is a topic I’ve been thinking about very often – I’ve had some funny experiences myself, being blessed with a tiny wee too much testosteron (at least I think so)…

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