Now That’s What I Call Erotica

A couple of days ago Alcessa provoked me in the comments to say something about the actors and actresses I’m fond of… Well, more than just fond of – for me Humprey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner and maybe even Judy Garland represent an age past, when there was love, murder, betrayal, cigarette smoke, values and it was all in black and white. The H’wood version of film noir. Bogey is one of my all time favourites, but the purpose of this post is to show that one does not need tits and a lot of skin to show passion. Sometimes, a look is all it takes:

The “Acme Bookstore scene” from “The Big Sleep

This is probably one of the best scenes Bogart ever played in. And the yummy-looking woman next to him is Dorothy Malone (and not Judy Garland as I have though). Boy does she look sexy…