How can you take them seriously, then…

Slovenska oglaševalska zbornica (Advertising chamber of Slovenia) published new results on circulation for top Slovene dailies: Delo, Dnevnik, Večer, Slovenske novice and Finance, as well as other press. Personally, I couldn’t care less about this and other studies: a) It was commissioned by the Advertising chamber, which is a far cry from an independent institution for it consists of advertisers, i.e.: companies that provide the living for most of Slovene media. b) As with any statistic you can turn these numbers up, down and even sideways, as long as you get a favourable result. And last but not least c) these numbers speak only of circulation – which is NOT the same as reach or even close to the actual number of readers.

Combine these three reasons with the articles by Delo and Dnevnik on this study and suddenly you have the media selling their own “research” back to advertisers, slightly spinned, of course.


Trg najbolj udaril po Dnevniku
Delova dnevnika zvišala tržni delež za pol odstotka

Ljubljana – Tretje četrtletje letošnjega leta se je, merjeno skozi prodane naklade časopisov (meritve so bile izvedene v okviru projekta Revidirane prodane naklade – RPN – Slovenske oglaševalske zbornice, SOZ), izkazalo kot zelo ugodno za časopisno hišo Delo. Istoimenskemu dnevniku se je naklada znižala najmanj med trojico političnih dnevnikov, Novicam pa je edinim zrasla; tržni delež naše hiše se je tako v četrtletju, ko so se naklade časopisov znižale za odstotek, povečal za pol odstotka.

Skupna naklada petih dnevnih časopisov – poleg Dela in Novic sem štejemo še Dnevnik, Večer in Finance, medtem ko Direkt in Primorske novice zaradi specifičnosti nista zajeta v meritve – se je v obdobju od julija do septembra letos znižala z 263.500 na dobrih 261 tisoč prodanih izvodov, torej za slab odstotek. V tem padanju je edina res svetla izjema dnevnik Novice, ki je naklado zvišal za 1,2 odstotka, znova čez 90 tisoč prodanih izvodov povprečno na dan. Dnevniku Delo se je naklada sicer znižala za 1,6 odstotka oziroma za tisoč izvodov, kar pa je v odstotkih najmanjše znižanje med tremi resnimi dnevniki.

Namreč, če je Večerovo znižanje za 1,8 odstotka oziroma za 850 izvodov še znosno, pa preseneča izjemen padec naklade Dnevnika, in sicer z 48.500 na 47 tisoč izvodov, torej za 1500 izvodov oziroma kar za tri odstotke; (source).

Delo v dveh letih že z 12 tisoč manj prodanimi izvodi
torek, 28.11.2006 22:30
Tekst: (do)

LJUBLJANA – Na podlagi podatkov, ki jih je v okviru raziskave revidiranih prodanih naklad objavila Slovenska oglaševalska zbornica (SOZ), je v tretjem četrtletju od julija do septembra letošnjega leta predvsem zaradi sezonskega vpliva poletnih počitnic padla prodaja vseh resnih dnevnikov:

Delu dober odstotek, Večeru za skoraj 1,9 odstotka in Dnevniku za nekaj manj kot 3,4 odstotka. Med dnevnimi časopisi so le Slovenske novice, ki jih izdaja časopisna hiša Delo, uspele povečati število prodanih izvodov za 0,8 odstotka.

Toda v primerjavi z enakim obdobjem lani je med resnimi dnevniki le Dnevnik uspel povečati število prodanih izvodov s 46.811 na 47.083 na dan, medtem ko je Delu prodaja v tem obdobju padla za dobrih 9 odstotkov. Večer je v zadnjem letu prav tako zabeležil padec prodaje za skoraj sedem odstotkov.” (source)

How can you take either of them seriously, then?

It reminds me of the Cold-war joke about Kennedy and Khruscev, who raced each other on a 100 metre track. Kennedy was first and Nikita was second, but the US papers reported on Kennedy winning and Khruscev being last, whereas the Soviet papers reported Khruscev second and Kennedy one-before-last.

BTW: Večer didn’t even report the story – at least not by 00:30 on Wednesday. Couldn’t put enough spin on it, I wonder?

Broadcasting since 2002 and still going strong…

Pengovsky’s workplace – featuring the legendary AKG-K141 headphones

The Firm™ celebrated it’s fourth anniversarry yesterday. While the concept of a multimedia (or convergent) radio was brewing in our heads as early as 2001, we didn’t have it on paper until early-2002 and it took another six months to set up the company as a legal entity and put together a team of enthusiasts. Most of the legal wrangling was done by El Presidente™ for Pengovsky was just an undergraduate greenhorn back then. We did a test run on an IT event called Interinfos, then shut down for about fourteen days in order to move all the equipement to our present location and have all the communications set up. But on November 21st 2002 we started broadcasting – and have been ever since.

As I intend to keep this post short (the Official History of the Firm™ is yet to be written) I would only like to put down a couple of things I have learned in the last four years:

Never go in business with your family. Ever. While El presidente™ rocks and has incredible managerial and financial skills the project did put a lot of strain on our relationship. Grief neither of us needed.
A line in a PHP script always ends with a semicolon;
Private enterprise in Slovenia sucks. I love my job, but it will not make me rich and/or famous and as I work 12+ hours a day it makes the prospect of a “normal” family life a rather distant one.
When you try to sell an idea always make the other party sign a non-disclosure agreement (this one I learned very painfully).
Cable operators sometimes tend to abuse their local monopolies (as also witnessed by this incident).
Most of Slovene journalists have absolutely no idea how to do the job properly and have a criminally short memory. Kudos to the selected few who constantly save the face of the profession. Hopefully someday I will have achieved that status.
There is a difference between objectivity and neutrality.
System administrators are species that live in a dusty part of the LAN network and ingest only beer
If you want to do your job professionally, never put all of your eggs in one basket. If you step on somebody’s toe and he/she knocks over one basket, you’ve still got at least one more. Maybe not as full and beautiful as the first one, but it makes starting over much more easier.
Only spineless editors and journalist are prone to political influence. There are many in Slovenia, but that many
Dimitrij Rupel is an idiot and an international menace.
The study of journalism on FDV should be made a post-graduate study exclusivelly. I’m not a journalist by education, but the cadre that is produced by FDV is awful: Overambitious, overzealous, overopinionated and without the foggiest about what media is really about or about the subject of their supposed reporting
Any given cable is always 20 centimetres too short
The food at the Prime Minister’s New Year banquet is awful
Boštan at the City Hall makes the best coffee in town (sadly his place is not open to public)
Geonavtik makes the best publicly available coffee in town
All journalists are either chain-smokers and drunks or right-wingers or on the verge of becoming either of the two

I would not have learned these things without the help of the following people who have my eternal gratitude for being a part of this project at its various stages (some of them even more than once):
Boštjan (a.k.a. Voja Brajović, Veliki Beštijan), Greciozo, Igor (who first put together our webpage), Rollo Tomassi, Mojca, Neža, Ajda, Katarina, Janja, Urša, Brigita, Katja, Matej, Gospod Ravnatelj (formerly of Gama MM), as of late also Luka and Goran, and of course El presidente™. I just hope I gave something back to these people (besides ulcers and ocassional fits of rage)

That said, there are things that need to be done as soon as possible:

overhaul the webpage
promote the mobile webpage
hell, promote the entire Firm™!!!
update and edit the musical database so that the music played by the computer will stop suffering from a manic-depressive dissorder (i.e.: going from absolutely faboulous to Radio Center-like)
update the English page regularly
finally get an FM frequency in Ljubljana
finally get some vacation
listen more to RSI (100,8 MHz in Ljubljana)

Damn! It was a long post afterall…..

Še pomnite, tovariši?

No, kaj vse ne pade človeku v elektronski nabiranlnik….

…še zobke umit, pa zajčki, pa spat…. Ja, včasih je bil res…:-D (avtor risanke je Miki Muster)

Osebno mi je bil sicer bolj pri srcu Evrokrem, pa potem Kinderlada, ampak Viki je legendaren (tudi Vikija je zakrivil Miki Muster)

žvečilni gumi Čunga Lunga (spet, Miki Muster)

Ko danes rečete Šumi, večina pomisli da zgradbo v centru mesta, ne pa na visoki C (Miki Muster, again)

Pips – okolju in ljudem prijazna verzija DDTja, hehehe (g. Muster, seveda)

Zastava 101, popularni “stojadin”. Snemano nekje na Rudnem polju na Pokljuki, ako me spomin ne vara

Frutek – reklama ob kateri so generacije za mano gor rasle

Moja dežela, verjetno ena najboljših in najvpljivnejših reklam v Sloveniji

Mimogrede: Še pomnite, tovariši je bila včasih oddaja na Radiu Slovenija, ki sta jo ustvarjala Stane Škrabar in Fotr(tm).

P.S.: Včerajšnja premiera Gorčeve oddaje uspela v popolnosti, celo tako zelo, da sem si privoščil savno 😉

Jebe lud zbunjenog…

…oziroma Primer Žnidaršič vs. Milič 

Marko M. v akciji

Jonas Ž. v akciji (skupaj z Deso M., Sašom H. in Jurijem Z.)

Tale je že malo stara, pa tudi ne spada ne v seks ne v politiko. No mogoče v rubriko seks, če za spolno dejanje velja tudi, da nekdo nekoga jebe ali pa zajebava. Jonas Ž. se je pred dnevi (skoraj deset jih bo od tega) razpizdil nad dejstvom, da blog Marka Miliča piše nekdo drug. Pravzaprav je najprej MM-ja blazno pohvalil, misleč, da je Marko sam svoj avtor, nato pa ga je raztrgal, ko so mu povedali, da je to pravzaprav Sportalov novinar, kateremu MM zaupa svoje misli in anekdote. Rezultat? Marko Milič se je svojemu blogu odpovedal.

Za natančen redosled dogodkov je branje komentarjev pri obeh akterjih seveda obvezno, ker je padlo kar nekaj dobrih poant. 

Osebno se mi pri tej zgodbi sicer nekaj ne sešteje… Zakaj, hudiča, je Jonas tako pošizil? Se je počutil nategnjenega (rubrika seks ;))? OK, MM se pač podpisuje pod sestavke nekoga drugega – so fucking what? Glede na to, da je Jonas medijski človek (mednje pa se neskromno prištevam tudi sam), verjetno ve, da se pogosto zgodi, da članke – kar post (objavek, hehe) dejansko je – napiše nekdo drug, še posebej, če gre za ljudi, ki bodisi niso vešči tovrstnega izražanja, ali pa enostavno nimajo časa. 

Za hip odmislimo, da gre za Marka Miliča: kaj porečete na dejstvo, da tega ni napisal Javier Solana, ampak verjetno kakšen tajnik v njegovem kabinetu, dobri stari Javi pa je članek samo podpisal (članek je žal plačljiv, ampak saj njegova vsebina niti ni tako pomembna; pokazati želim zgolj, da je “ghostwriting” stalna praksa.

 Mediji so en velik nateg. Jonas to dobro ve, saj je pomembno kreiral medijsko sceno zadnjih dvajsetih let. Bolj kot vsebina je pomembna forma.  To je sam zelo dobro prikazal v postu “Rešena posnetka“, kjer lahko vidite razliko med objavljeno in dejansko vsebino. Na prvi Jonas izpade kot “just-your-average-celebrity-being-smart-about-something”, na drugi, “surovi” verziji, pa smo priča sila inteligentnemu podjebavanju mlade novinarke. Nobena resna televizija (pa tudi A kanal) česa takega seveda ne bo objavila. Mediji torej ne podajajo dejanskega stanja, pač pa ga vedno znova prikrojijo, tako da ustreza tistemu, kar si gledalec/poslušalec/bralec/uporabnik predstavlja pod besedo “resnično”. In mislim, da ni dvoma o tem, da so blogi še ena oblika medijev.

Kar me seveda pripelje do neke perverzne zamisli: da gre za medijski nateg tipa Joey Skaggs. Da sta se Jonas in MM zmenila, da bosta ušpičila kaj takega. Če ne drugega, že zaradi tega, da pokažeta, da tudi blogov ne kaže jemati “zdravo za gotovo”.

Kar je seveda res. Tudi v Firmi(tm) smo že objavili kakšno informacijo o tem-ali-onem, ki smo jo našli na tem ali onem blogu (in, ja, seveda smo navedli tudi vir). Ampak kaj bi se zgodilo, če bi – recimo – Marko Milič na svojem blogu objavil, da bo postavil žogo v kot? Je to kredibilna informacija, ali bi morali čakati na uradno novinarsko konferenco? Je med blogom in javno govorjeno besedo enačaj? Odgovora seveda nimam. Upam samo, da sta Jonas in MM tole družno skuhala. Ker sicer bomo prišli do položaja, kjer bomo vsi blogerji enaki, le da bodo nekateri bolj enaki od drugih.

Dovolj teženja… Grem pogledat, če lahko za objavo najdem kakšen kos mesa, na katerem bi si dekleta lahko spočila oči…

P.S.: Upam, da youtube linki delajo 😉