Briton Aims for River, Lands on Concrete

In wee hours of Monday morning (or was it Sunday night) a group of merry Britons wandered around Ljubljana and apparently tried to indulge in age-old tradition of British tourists to bathe in the river Ljubljanica. According to POP TV one particularly adventurous 29-year-old leaped across the railing, misjudged his aim and landed on the … Continue reading Briton Aims for River, Lands on Concrete


Franc Pukšič, the infamous mayor of Destrnik municipality and MP for Janez Janša’s SDS quit the party and switched over to Radovan Žerjav’s centre-right Slovenian People’s Party (SLS). Regardless of the fact that Pukšič is one of the more annoying appendages of Slovenian parliament (a fact which is not helped by his thick Štajerska drawl) … Continue reading Defection