Friday Foxies CCXLXVIII

20111223 ff Friday Foxies CCXLXVIII

There were quite a number of complaints about the lack of tittage on this blog. So, you don’t really care about politics, eh? icon biggrin Friday Foxies CCXLXVIII Well, you’ll get your share of it, fear not. There are a couple of posts in the oven, but since the days still refuses to have more than 24 hours and things need to be seen and people need to be done, here’s a retro Christmas chic(k)…

Merry and happy to everyone! icon biggrin Friday Foxies CCXLXVIII

One Comment to “Friday Foxies CCXLXVIII”

  1. Adriaan Says:

    Thanks for making time in your busy schedule to brighten my day.

    A very merry Christmas to you and yours!