The Real Slim Shady – Slovenian Elections Edition

Ah well, it’s that time of the year, I guess 😀 After the hugely successful Primary Colours and its follow up, the Top Gun, pengovsky gives you yet another round-up of the political movers and shakers. Most of them you already know, a couple of them are new kids on the block. But at any rate, this should be at least mildly entertaining. Hope you like!

The Real Slim Shady – Slovenian Elections Editions from pengovsky on Vimeo.

Naturally, credits, where credits are due: Original videos are the work of their respective authors and/or entities including SDS, SD, LDS, Zares, and Idea TV. Songs on the other hand you know, but still: Real Slim Shady (Eminem), U Can’t Touch This (MC Hammer), Money (Pink Floyd), Pass the Dutchie (Musical Youth), Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice), Always Look On the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python), I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor), YMCA (Village People), Last Christmas (Wham) and Mah Na Mah Na (The Muppet Show version).

And on Tuesday, back to number crunching 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Real Slim Shady – Slovenian Elections Edition”

  1. I just can’t agree with most of the songs!!!! The following ones would definitely be much more appropriate. Sorry, your politics does not welcome links, so you have no other choice but to emulate von Zwickl (in other words, copy and paste links)

    A song for don Zzochi? VerySimple™, a nje, a nje:
    and for his supporters, obviously this one:

    If this one wasn’t composed especially for Olaf Visarionovich van Oranje:
    or the very first version of this one, perfectly suiting his partisan nickname ((c) Žižuku):

    Genossin Komsomolskaya, a.k.a doña Konkubinskaya a.k.a. LaDildolina? Definitely not Gloria Gaynor! (if she ever finds out that you’ve attributed her song to a person with extremely low moral qualities, even don BedBug can’t defend you from her lawsuit). You must agree that this one is more appropriate:
    or maybe this one:
    This one would also be quite suitable:
    Some time a year and a half ago this one was actual:

    Comrade SoWhat™ a.k.a. Borat? Someone has already adapted one song just for HIM:
    I bet he wouldn’t mind this one:

    A message to Vittorio il Nobilo (and, honestly, to LSD, Orangemen and others):

    Although officially not running in this election, one shouldn’t forget TheEvilOne™, sitting at the darkest corner of Mordor, ekhmmm, Murglor:

    And finally, something for all mentioned in this post:

  2. For the umpteenth time…. More than one link in your comment will get you “moderate” status 🙂 Other than that, I can see you’re unable to go above the first thing that comes to mind. Also, this blog covered the Borut Pahor cover of Barbra Streisand (by Duck Soup) so – way ahead of you on that count. And many other counts as well. Happy listening! 🙂

  3. You’ve made my day.
    Besides, no need to watch any more TV confrontations 🙂 Everything has been told.

  4. Se je kaj spremenilo?
    2008 2011
    SD 29 28 LZJ – PS
    SDS 28 26 SDS
    Zares 9 10 SD
    Desus 7 8 DL -GV
    SNS 5 6 Desus
    SLS+SMS 5 6 SLS
    LDS 5 4 Nsi
    Manjšini 2 2 Manjšini

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