WikiLeaks Slovenia: Someone Never Learned To Read

Horror! Shame! Ignominy!… no, seriously, it’s that funny..

‘What can Slovenia do to secure a meeting between Prime Minister Pahor and President Obama”‘ asked foreign minister Samuel Žbogar, exposes WikiLeaks
Slovenia is again a topic in the exposed secret US diplomatic documents and again the issue is the desire of Slovene PM Borut Pahor to meet US President Barack Obama
According to German Spiegel, foreign minister Samuel Žbogar was inquiring with US representatives as to what conditions must be met to make such a meeting hapen.”

Hillary: “Eeer, Samuel? You remeber those meetings? There’s something you should know…” (source)

This, more or less is the lead of today’s article on RTVSLO (state radio and television) website. This comes only a day after PM Borut Pahor called a press conference and denied allegations of horse-trading with the Americans, basically saying that a) yes, he’d like to meed Obama, b) would be glad to take in a Gitmo detainee regardless and c) he never linked anything to anything else, regardless of what the cable says and when (somewhat predictably, since it’s their document which is causing all this embarrassment) the new US Ambassador to Slovenia Joseph Mussomeli issued a written statement saying basically the same thing, adding that PM Pahor is an honest and honourable man. Someone’s lying.

Or, better yet, someone can’t really read. My money’s on the latter. The infamous Spiegel article has been around for at least 72 hours. Pengovsky was first alerted to it by alcessa. I linked to it again yesterday. It was then linked to again by Žiga Turk (a prominent member of opposition SDS). In short, this shit is old by internet standards.

Even more important, this is part of the same story. Half-wits at RTVSLO – well, their web section at least – for reasons that are known only to them infer that there was a second cable (Slovenia is again a topic… and the issue again is…) which in addition to PM Pahor implicated FM Žbogar as well.

However, there is no “again” here. Not yet, anyhow. Der Spiegel, NY Times, El Pais and Guardian all worked with the same set of documents (the entire 250k+ batch) and they all saw it fit to expose Slovenia-US horse-trading. And save the sole cable posted yesterday by El Pais, none of the cables pertaining to Slovenia have been released by WikiLeaks yet. None. Zero.

Indeed it is still a mystery as to how exactly could they have arrived at such different conclusions: NYT reports US pressured Slovenia. No names are mentioned. El Pais reports Slovenia pressured the US and names PM Pahor and making no mention of FM Žbogar. And Der Spiegel reports Slovenia was horse-trading with the US but mentions Žbogar, omitting Pahor completely. But they all published their pieces on the same day, 29 November 2010 (three days ago), while the general public, which in this case includes Slovene media has yet to see anything more than a single cable from US Embassy Ljubljana. I know I’m repeating myself, but I can not stress this point enough.

To put it in the words of Al Pacino: We’re in the dark here!

Point being, web section of RTVSLO is either making things up or really has a problem reading and/or googling.

(again, many thanks to alcessa for the heads-up)

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14 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Slovenia: Someone Never Learned To Read”

  1. crni, seriously… 🙂

    This is what the original cable says:

    Pahor took the unusual step of calling on CDA at the U.S. Embassy, the second time he has done so since taking office a year ago

    This of course is not the same as “calling the CDA” which Delo (your link) claims. Rather than dealing with some new piece of information (which is impossible since Delo was not privy to cables prior to release, and WikiLeaks hadn’t released them yet) I think it’s obvious we’re dealing with a case of shoddy translation 🙂

  2. The site’s down again – maybe Pahor again working his diplomatic magic and joining forces with the US and Russia to shut down the site? 😉

  3. Lets face it the communists Pahor and Turk are “Arse Lickers” who are prepared to sell out Slovenia for a photo with Obama.

    These are the same individuals, who along with that allegedly corrupt Serb businessman & mayor of Lublana Jankovic, support and promote murderous, communist totalitarianism and dictators like Stalin and Tito. Even the EU says so.

    Can you imagine the Mayor of Warsaw or Prague being a corrupt Russian businessman who names streets after Dictator Stalin and Tito?? It would never be allowed and rightly so.

    Traitors!! They should be ALL impeached!!

    And Slovenia needs Lustration Laws like Czech Rep and Poland to clean out the communists.

  4. Franc: Bravo, good sir. Excellent Poe’s law trolling in this and the adjacent post, you almost fooled me.

    Here’s a what gave you away: people who foam at their mouth and spout retarded talking points gibberish full of anachronisms like “Communists! Communists behind every bush!” as you are so convincingly pretending to usually can’t even spell Slovene worth shit, let alone do it in perfect English. Next time tone down your English a bit, throw in a generous helping of spelling mistakes and illogical translated-straight-from-Slovene grammatical constructions and your performance will be sterling. You cannot fail if you do that.

    Oh, incidentally, I thought throwing in a pinch of ultranationalist conspiracy theory spice by writing “Ljubljana” as “Lublana” was simply comedy gold. Really, great work, good sir. I look forward to your future trolling excellency.

  5. Cornelius you support communist arse lickers, murderers and corruption. Oh and your foaming at the mouth bullshit proves you have no valid arguments. Get a life!!

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