Emperor’s New Logo

Slovenia’s new “corporate identity”. For the time being… (source)

Some ten days ago the government chose its new logo and design. Created by Gigodesign, the design is rational, simple and technically universal. It establishes a clear and recognisable system of visual communication. It allows for easier management of public administration’s comprehensive graphic identity, saves time and optimises costs. At least, that’s what the government press release says.

pengovsky says the new design is slick, likeable and provides ample opportunity to make fun of. Case in point being the images below, which landed in my mailbox this morning via the good doctor 😈

Ministry of defence. Love the reference to the Liberation Front

Ministry of transport

Ministry of finance. How very true…

Guess which department…

EDIT: as noted below by abaris, the first image was made by him, while the other three are by Stalker. Good work, guys! 😀