On 18 May Slovenian foreign minister Dimitrij Rupel Samuel Žbogar was in Brussels to officially deliver a letter containing Slovenian response to the latest proposal by Commissioner Olli Rehn to solve the border dispute between Slovenia and Croatia. However, agent Sam failed to make the drop, because a fire broke out in the European Commission building in Brussels. The package was eventually delivered by our man in Brussels, so there was no permanent damage.

The contents of that letter were pretty much along the lines of “we want to amend the latest proposal and don’t give a rat’s ass about Croatia accepting it because we feel it is biased in favuor of Croatia“. Namely, Zagreb sent word that as far as it is concerned the negotiation process is over as they’ve accepted Rehn’s latest offer and that’s it. So the Silent Finn summoned both Samuel Žbogar and his Croatian counterpart Gordan Jandroković back to Brussels to explain themselves, but guess what happened…

I guess someone really doesn’t want this solved :mrgreen:

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3 thoughts on “Fire”

  1. You forgot to mention that a Croatian representative (not sure whether it was Jandrokovic or one of his henchmen) gave first aid to the (only) victim of the fire – apparently they ran into the guy while evacuating the building. Possible bonus points for the Croats?

    Can’t brag about having witnessed this myself, was too busy saving my own ass (and quietly rejoicing at the prospect of cancelled meetings of my own).

  2. gave first aid to the (only) victim of the fire

    The biased Slovene media didn’t report that at all… Guess we now know who to blame for the fire :twisted:.

    I’m just glad you got out of that extremely dangerous situation in one piece 🙂

  3. Completely unrelated. You should hook your blog up with one of these:

    Since I’m Swedish, what’s all this talk about Sweden overriding Slovenia completely and letting Croatia in the union via the kitchen entrance?

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