I Can’t Stand The Rain

Ann Peebles – I Can’t Stand The Rain

OK, OK… Enough is enough. It’s been raining for two weeks straight here. A month, if you don’t count brief intermissions. I mean, this is seriously starting to get on my nerves. I feel like a fucking goldfish in a bowl. All that’s missing is someome throwing fish food at me. There’s more water in the air around me than on the ground and it’s freaking damp. You know the dampness that seeps right to your bones no matter what you wear? Well, this is it.

I’m getting cranky from all the water around me and you don’t want to be near me when I’m cranky. A couple more days of this and I’ll start violating other people’s human rights and there won’t be a thing anyone will be able to do about it. I mean, if it were up to me I’d pass a law limiting bad weather to two, three days in a month. But who am I kidding? Even if it passed we all know the state of the rule of law in this country. Fuck!.

An umbrella? It don’t matter if you have one or not, because it’s raining from all sides. Even upwards. I mean, seriously, people! If I wanted to go for a swim I’d board a plane for the Maldives. But the way things are now, I’m actually thinking of joinig the Jehova’s witnesses and dragging a raft on top of Šmarna gora (livecam), a hill near Ljubljana. Yes, it’s that bad.

You don’t believe me? Go see for yourselves. Visit The Firm’s website and click “Poslušajte v živo” (center page). There’s a panoramic view of Ljubljana after noon local time. And it ain’t pretty.