According to some media reports PM Janša and his SDS are looking into the possibility of a recount. No action has yet been taken, SDS merely went on the record saying that they are “evaluating the situation”. And the “situation” is that in some consticuencies where SDS lost to Social Democrats, the difference was smaller than the number of invalid votes. The same goes for the number of votes nationally: SD leads SDS with 1.2 percent, while 1.72 percent of the vote was invalid. But the trick is that SDS won five voting units (out of eight total, each unit consisting of eleven consticuencies), and won them narrowly, while SD won three voting units, but by a hefty margin.


According to Slovene legislation, a recount can be demanded for a particular consticuency by a voter, a candidate or a political party. There can, however, be no national recount. So the maths the SDS is now probably doing is whether the recount . combined with the ex-pat (overseas) vote – can win them an additional seat in the parliament.

Probably not, but they’re not the ones to give up that easily. Thankfully, Slovenia is not Florida. Yet.

EDIT 25/09/08@1200hrs:: SDS indeed filed a complaint against results in two voting units and demands a recount, with addition that results in one particular consticuenty be declared null and void and voting held again. SDS claims that supposed errors were big enough to have influenced the final outcome. Seveteen complaints were filed all across Slovenia.

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  1. It seems that 12 women made it so far… Are there any feminine seats pending?
    Interestingly so far no discussion on this topic – nowhere… Remarkable: 11% of the new politics party “For real” are women. Congratulation!

  2. Just hope those women are there cause they are the best to do their job, and not just cause they’re women and looks cool and progresist… like our Zapatitos did. In his defense, our male ministers are equally crappy :).

    JJ ain’t just a loser, but a bad loser :). Though ‘pulling a Florida’ worked for Bushy… we’ll see tonight.

  3. FYI:

    There is now an addition at the bottom of the post. SDS did indeed file a complaint and wants voting to be held again in at least one consticuency.

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