A Pint Of Tycoon

Whatever you may think of Boško Šrot, CEO and the not-so-newly minted owner of Laško Brewery, one has to admit that the guy (or – more broadly speaking – people at Laško) managed to retain a sense of humour in spite of PM Janša breathing down his neck. During last weekend’s Pivo in Cvetje (Beer and Flowers) festivites held in the town of Laško for the 44th year running, the brewery cococted a special, Tycoon beer.

The leaflet reads: How to catch a tycoon: 1. Stir it up with your money. 2. Lure it out by pulling the handle. 3. Catch it in your glass.

Very tongue-in-cheek, although I wasn’t there so I can’t really tell you wheter Tycoon Beer is either a buffed-up or watered-down version of Laško beer. We’ll see if good spirits remain with Boško Šrot come September, though…

BTW: more polls coming your way tomorrow

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4 thoughts on “A Pint Of Tycoon”

  1. Hmm, is Grosuplje already on the Laško side of the Slovene beer-border? If not, this might mean: you don’t even want to catch me. Go for a bottle of Union instead 🙂

  2. Laško should GET SUED for this stunt! Actually, they should be prosecuted ex officio.

    This is so incredibly IRRESPONSIBLE!

    They give all the necessary details on catching a tycoon, yet they conveniently omit to add a note about the possible side effects of consumption after the subject is caught in a glass.

    Severe indigestion is just the beginning of the troubles that can follow as a direct consequence of attempting to swallow a tycoon and keep it down.

  3. Don’t appreciate the prank – at all. This being the case also with both their beer, I consume mostly Czhech, Irish, home-made Slovene.. so why should I care? I don’t like beer being kept hostage of some political, economic power-struggle games. If anything, I preferred the old union-lasko macho rivalry – at least it was a people’s game. I know, I am prick taking beer so seriously 🙂 Of all the political circus I somehow find it the stinkiest part… probably it’s personal.

  4. Hmmm… Point taken… I guess I’d have felt the same way if someone sold whisky called “Auld Piss Single Cask Malt” or something like that 😀

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