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Remeber Silverster Šurla and all the brouhaha about Delo, Mag, Laško and Andrijana Starina Kosem?

Well, one of the results (apart from Delo becoming rabidly anti-government) is Tuesday’s launch of Reporter, a weekly magazine which promises to deliver a hundred pages of high quality content every week. Bringing attention to stories that are intentionally or otherwise overlooked by other media, Reporter team will conform to the highest journalistic and ethical standards.

So much for the pitch. How about reality?

Naturally, too early to say. Hats off to Šurla & Co. for having the balls to create a new magazine, although it seems obvious that they were driven by revenge because Mag magazine was “taken from them” rather than by a healthy journalistic drive. But it is of no matter – a fit of anger can be a good thing if channelled correctly.

Obviously Reporter is aimed at Mag’s “previous” readers, those who (I presume) gravitate to the right of political centre. Which is cool. However, as Reporter is trying to fill the void created by Mag’s new (wider and more general) orientation, it is – in my opinion – trying to emulate Mag as we knew it a bit too hard. I realize that it was a rush-job and that the team didn’t exactly dwell on the format of the magazine, but only re-created the one they knew, but (and I’m speaking out of experience here) once you start, it’s extremely hard to upgrade your design and layout.

Reporter does not offer anything new, neither in terms of design nor in terms of content. Which I think is a wasted opportunity. I assume Mag was not exactly heaven on Earth and one of the reasons for Delo buying the magazine in 2005 (while Janša and Šrot were still buddies) was to keep it from folding economicaly once again. So if Reporter is aiming for that same target population, it is in deep trouble from the beginning. Which would be a shame – assuming that its stated goals of proffesionalism and high standards are real, and for the moment I’m more than prepared to give Šurla & Co. the benefit of the doubt.

So, regardless of its political affiliation or orientation, I keep my fingers crossed for Reporter. A hundred pages every week is a lot, both in terms of money and content. And hopefully, the latter will be of interest to people who didn’t read Mag before and don’t read it now either.

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  1. Hey! No comments on Reporter post? Not even a death threat from Ana J.? Ok, maybe you don’t deserve a death threat, you weren’t half as merciless as Marko C.
    Well, I’m a kinda sorry I can’t get my hands on it here in Japan. I crave for some “Kučan in bad, bad and Golobič in worse!” journalism. Still, there is internet.

  2. Here’s a random quote from an internet forum regarding Reporter:
    “Hey look, it’s Kučan on the front page. At this rate, they’ll be dealing with Boško Šrot somewhere around the year 2136.”

  3. The last time I tried to comment on this, my computer crashed and it is now in the shop, being mended. So I type these lines with shaking hands just to see if it was a great conspiracy and my computer was actually demolished by the famous vote-generating computer. Will it spare this old box?

    Testing, 1 2 3

  4. dr. fil, looks like it worked this time. I suppose the invisble hand of Ana J.&Co. still doesn’t reach as high to pull Milan by his beard. (oh, he doesn’t have a beard … oh, and he’s not that tall either), so they let you through this time. As Cornelius pointed out, they work slowly, not unlike the Church.

    P.S. I have no idea, why in my previous comment, in sentence “Kučan is bad, bad, and Golobič is worse” both time “in” instead of “is” appeared. Another attempt to stop the hostile elements?

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