Workers of the World, Unite!

Last year, Jean was asking about Billy Bragg’s version of The Internationale. This is it, methinks.

The struggle is constant and the race is long. But if we are to make headway, love has to be spread both ways. So if you work for somebody, remind him or her that you’re a part of the success – but don’t overdo it. It was, afterall a team effort. Alternatively, if you are an owner or an employer (or both), remember that you hired those people for a particular reason and that while you bear the brunt of responsibilities, sucess is greater when shared.

You can see that workers’ participation in profit sharing is a big issue in Slovenia this year, can’t you? 😉

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3 thoughts on “Workers of the World, Unite!”

  1. When I was back in Sweden, First of May always ended with a bunch of ppl being drunk on beer, singing the Internationale around some fire somwhere. Since I moved here I’ve been trying to find a recording fo it in Slovene (So I can teach my Slovene friends, what they should already know…), but I can only find an old yugo one that is way to slow..
    Anybody has any idea where to look?

  2. I know for a fact that Jani Kovačič did a rock version back in the 90’s. Maybe emule? Either try under “Jani Kovačič” or “102. Internacionala” (the name of the band).

    If you still can’t find it, mail me… I’ll try and fish it out from our archives

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