Let Them Eat Cake

No bread? Let them eat cake, then! (source)

The inflation in Slovenia shows no inclination of returning to normal levels and it would take a super-human effort to bring it down rapidly. So our wise leadership had (once again) devised a cunning plan on how to bring down spending.

According to the minister of economy the nation “not be picky and shouldn’t complain about eating a day-old bread”. Now, a day old bread can be a really wonderful thing, I just sort of hate it when a minister with a government car, a driver, a government credit card and meals paid by the taxpayers, tells me what to eat and when to eat it. Call me marxist, but I see a slight credibility issue here.

But it turns out that this is nothing compared with the fact that PM Janez Janša has seen loafs of bread in the dustbin somewhere in this country and that prompted the following rhetorical idiotism: “As long as I see loafs of bread in the dustbins, things are not all that dramatic”.

Sounds much like Marie- Antoniette, no? And she was decapitated for it…

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17 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake”

  1. Idiotism, indeed. So, what’s next?
    “Žiga-žaga glavo preč,
    ne bo jedla kruha več?”
    (Sorry, I had to use Slovene language here.)

  2. Don’t know why but it reminds me of something Fidel Castro said once…

    -“In Cuba no one goes to sleep w/o dinner”

    To which a guy replied that that night he hadn’t eaten anything. So Castro replied:

    -Well, don’t go to sleep then.

  3. A good crni kruh always does it for me. Unfortunately, it’s a bit big for me to devour before it turns to stone or becomes mouldy. I can imagine that might also be why other people in Slovenija throw away their bread. So the solution is to make the bread smaller, so less will be thrown away and Jansa will finally see the real state of affairs in the country… :mrgreen:

  4. That’s because our standard is not so high to allow us to stuff ourselves with French fries and hamburgers like Americans do.

  5. We definitely eat too much bread in Slovenia, but we should still have the choice as to whether or not we want to go on the Atkins Diet.

  6. @Disablez: Janša and El Comandante do share certain similarities, to be sure 🙂

    @pirano: a bit more wine, then? 😉

    @ARF: A very good point indeed! 😀 Thinking small should do the trick for small minds 😉

    @venera: Hm… I’d imagine that a load of bread costs a bit more than SuperSize pack of fries

    @camille: Maybe Janša (skinny as he is) is reshaping the people in his own image (in more ways than one)

  7. I am sure small bread would be more expensive than its larger cousins. 🙂

    And if I know anything about body types, then Jansa is very probably able to devour more food than any of us overweight, bread-eschewing calories-counters, and still manage to look malnourished :-)*

    *”Us” doesn’t mean “you” 🙂

  8. We have another saying in Slovene… Iz polne… It’s always worrying when top-ranking politicians lose touch with the real life lived by their countrymen, but doubly so when they stop caring about their respective bubbles becoming a crystal clear fact in the eyes of the public.

  9. Bubbles? Such as real estate bubbles? On a similar note, 100K EUR in the latest budget is earmarkedfor the world ploughing competition. Holy fucking redneck hillbilly nation. What’s next, mudflop?

  10. @crni: I was thinking more along the bubbles I noticed officials living inside of during my three-month stay in Luxembourg this year. They were there, yet living in another world. That’s a dangerous state of affairs to my mind.

    @Luka: The pic Pengovsky used for the post shows canned bred as well, I suppose… think it’s a matter of lost in translation? 😉

  11. @crni: I’m worried… You’ve actually gone through the budget? 😀 And you’re not a political scientist…

    @Luka: So, I guess canned bread and extremely short miniskirts are to be imported from Japan ASAP? 😀

    @dr. filomena: Good one :mrgreen:

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