Drunk As A Skunk

Britney Spears before she shaved her head

The good thing about having a flatmate is that you can get drunk as a skunk without the need to check into a rehab.

There…. I’m off to nurse my hangover….

Shhhh… Must you comment so loudly????

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  1. You poor boy! *whispers considerately* Should I bring you an Alka Seltzer pill? 😉 Haven’t you heard after all those years of drinking that 0,5l of water and an Alka Seltzer before going to sleep prevent hangovers in the vast majority of cases?

  2. Oh, I did that… two litres of water and two aspirins… The headache did not materialize, but I have a strong suspicion that I’m still drunk…

  3. *whispers, too*: I have wondered before, whether I shouldn’t put up some stupid acts like Britney Spears, get terribly rich (or die trying) and have all the fun in the world…

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  4. It depends what this bleep stands for. 😀 But so far my experiences with them were not bad. Although tipsy is much better than drunk. 😀

  5. @ pengovsky: I’m not quite sure which juicy details are you expecting here. 😀 From my experiences tipsy men are usually cute and horny in a nice way (that’s why I said my experiences were not bad). Next day is a different story… Some are able to make fun of their state and know it’s only their fault. They let you help them and they are grateful for that. Others think they are the martyrs and expect the whole world to stop because their had and stomach hurt.

    That’s it. No special science behind it, you see. 😉 Did you expect something else or did I misunderstood your question?

  6. That’s not big difference. 😉 Obviously alcohol doesn’t have a strong effect on you. 😀 Should I check what The Firm is playing right now? 😈

    Btw… how did the talking-to go the other day? 😀

  7. Sunshine: did I confess anything about alcohol in my mail? Otherwise: no. I couldn’t resist “translating” because Pengovsky made so much effort to express himself…

  8. Nope. But you did mention a phrase that usually applies only to men. 🙂 Anyway… let’s just move on. :mrgreen:

    I think I finally got it now. And I agree with you. 😛

  9. Exactly! Since you’re probably not pretending to be, the only option left is that you really are. 😉 😛

    I agree. If I did, I KNOW I would remember it. 😈

  10. It would be a difference, because it would be the only time. You were sober on all occasions that we’ve met. I don’t know why, but I do perceive the differences between the sober and inebriated person very, very strongly. And of course… if you’d do what your implying I would remember that as well.

    The answer to the second part is very simple. Because sex is constantly on your mind. 😛 (And I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that!)

  11. I’ve always maintained that alcochol is a great sex-toy, yes 🙂 What am I implying, BTW?

    Sex is not always on my mind. It is often on my mind, however, when you and I spar on this blog 😉

  12. I was always amused by the claims that someone flirted/ kissed/ slept with a person only because he/she was drunk. I, on the other hand, think that in such state we only do what we want, but otherwise wouldn’t because of different constraints. So yes, it is a great sex-toy, but a bit redundant if you’re already doing what you want in everyday life. 😀

    And I admit I was exaggerating a bit. 😳 It’s not always on your mind. There’s work, friends, interesting reading and many more. But it’s quite often. And as you said… it’s very often in an environment where I’m also present to witness it. 😉

  13. No? How does it improve your feelings when you drink to the extent that it changes your behavior? And that’s a serious question, I’m not being mean. I know how it effects me and what good it brings to me. What about you?

  14. It doesn’t change my behavious – it enhaces it… It enhances the feelings and helps you relax and (when having sex) do all the right things… Most notably, not worrying too much about whether you’ll be able to satisfy your partner. Because if you worry you will most liketly fail.

  15. Yes, worrying too much can be a problem. 🙂 I have it as well. 😳 But when it comes to “do all the right things” there is a problem. Alcohol has different effect on men. Some can’t do anything at all, let alone the right thing. 😀 Others can keep doing their thing for hours when they’re drunk. :mrgreen:

  16. The correct answer would actually be: “Like who?”. :mrgreen: But unfortunately my answer would still be “I don’t know”, since my pimping abilities are not just there yet. 😉 You’re on your own until then. 😀

  17. Actually, it was the “question” that was false… You said “something”, which implies “what”. Had you said “someone”, I would have used “who” 😀

    Jeez, I must be sobering up… 😕

    And I still have no idea why someone should surprise me on account of drinking alcochol?

  18. I know, I know… That’s what I said “would be” instead of “is”. Jeez, I must be getting drunk. 😀

    Let me explain… You need to drink the right amount just in case a person-like surprise shows up. You’d probably want to be ready for action, wouldn’t you? 😛

    And if we’re already discussing drinking… I decided the other day that when the right situation comes, I WILL drink something (after 4,5 years). 😀

  19. Hmm, I don’t know exactly. I’m guessing a (private) party where I don’t dance much and I don’t need to drive home. I don’t need alcohol to dance and/or flirt, but I guess debates could get much funnier with a drop or two of. You can probably guess that I don’t attend many parties like that, although I love going out. 🙂

    And I think the trick would only work BETTER in the case you described and not that it wouldn’t work at all if only one was inebriated. 😉

  20. …oops. There’s a word missing. With a drop or two of alcohol. 😀

    Btw, why are you asking? Are you organizing a party? 😉

  21. That’s a whole lot of expenses and effort for such a trivial aim. 😀 But I’m flattered anyway, because you’re so intrigued by me, hehehe. :mrgreen: 😀

  22. By me being drunk, of course. I’m not assuming anything else. 😉

    It’s supposed to be funny. I laugh a lot. At least as far as I remember. And I become even more direct and straightforward. 😀

  23. Yes, that’s possible. 😳 *after googleing the phrase* And yes, in that kind of way (among others) if I understood the phrase correctly. 😀

  24. Oh, come on. You don’t think I’m gonna make it THAT easy for you. 😀 😀 😀 What about the right situation that I mentioned before? 😉

  25. I saw this one coming. 😀 You said you’re going to organize a party and you’re the one that awaits some fun. I’ll/I’d do the drinking and entertaining. :mrgreen:

  26. What I loved the most were some mixed drinks I had in Sweden. But since I know it’s impossible to get them here, the second option would be SoCo with Coke (or some sort of whiskey since I know you love it as well).

    Damn this feels odd. 😳 I’m talking about things I did for the last time more than 4 years ago. I hope my taste hasn’t changed much since. 🙂

  27. Will try and get my hands of Southern Comfort. Which is a bourbon, BTW, and not a whiskey 🙂

    As a back-up: will John Daniel’s do?

  28. Great. So we have a deal. 😛 I’m looking forward to it. And the substitute will work as well. 🙂

    Btw, AFAIK the producers themselves list SoCo as a liqueur (not a bourbon), since it’s made of fruit, spices and whiskey.

  29. Well, I’d say, buy me two drinks. 😳
    BUT: there are people who love singing songs about moose and booze, so I’ve been keeping shtum all this time and suffering silently, a good girl that I am. 😈

  30. I’m back too. On a different location. 😉

    So you’ve been reading us all day and haven’t said (writtten) a word? 😯 c-c-c

  31. Oh yes, I almost always read you even if I don’t comment. As I said, I am in a boring mode and nothing really good occurred to me so why disturb?

  32. You are on a beautiful track, there is nothing left for me to do about it. I can’t resist peeping, though.

    As to alcohol: it does away with masses of inhibitors I am a proud owner of, so I communicate with a much greater ease. I laugh a lot even without alc, though.
    I used to speak English as soon as I had a few glasses of something and German after I’d had more than enough… 😀 Once I told everyone at a party that I really, really liked them (I meant it). And then I gave my shirt to a neighbour of mine. She kept it. 😀

    Since alcohol tends to make me sleepy and tired after some time, it is not a great aphroBEEP, at least not for me. In my opinion one shouldn’t think much about one’s BEEP performance: if it doesn’t go well this time, it may next time.

  33. Hehe, you have your private peep show. I hope you cherish it. Not many people have that. 🙂

    Alcohol does wipe away many inhibitors. 😉 From the ease of your written communication I would never guess you need a bit of alcohol to communicate as easily in person.

    Luckily alcohol doesn’t make me sleepy. I’m all frisky and vivacious and I laugh really A LOT. I think one should be at least a tiny bit careful of his/her performance (or give up the idea at all if you know you’re way to drunk). If it’s not the person that loves you and the “relationship” is based mostly on attraction and high levels of hormones, you might not get a second chance if you blow the first one. 🙁 I haven’t had this problem in person (phew), nor have I ever done this to anyone, but I’ve heard sooooooooo many stories about it, that it’s probably worth considering.

    Btw, you probably don’t have to go out of you way to prevent linking sexually explicit words to this blog. 😀 I’m pretty sure Pengovsky doesn’t mind. 😛

    P.S. Didn’t he say he’s back? :mrgreen:

  34. Actually, this blog is oozing so much BEEEP that I thought I’d go avantgarde and pretend I’m too fine for such words… 😈

    He may be talking to the great white bowl? 😀

  35. teetotalling… another word for my notebook. 😀

    Btw… before my excursion to Sweden, where I enjoyed their Cubes (name of the drink), I spent another three years teetotalling.

    There are several reasons for that. First of all I dislike the taste of alcohol. So when I was younger and less confident I needed the effect of alcohol to have fun – so I forced myself to drink. When I got more confident I didn’t need it anymore, so I saw no point in forcing myself.

    Second reason is that I rarely go to places where I would drink. When I go for a drink with my friends I prefer non-alcoholic drinks. When I go partying it always (for the last 8 year) includes so much dancing that a) alcohol would only make me more thirsty and b) I would break my leg.

    So the only situation where I can picture myself drinking are private parties at one’s home. And the rest you’ve read yourself during this afternoon. 😉

  36. Oh, I don’t have any problems communicating, it is just that I enjoy laughing, jokes and wit the most and those are also things I secretly expect from any goings out (parties, visits etc.)… So if I drink something I may even do a solo performance if every one else is too adult to laugh… 😀

    But I know all about dancing, thirst and alcohol and of course you are right about it…

    If you don’t drink you may need something horizontal to lean on while drinking all those lovely malts our absent host has promised… 😀

  37. Hehehe, I’m sure something horizontal will be around if we’re talking about a private party. 😉 But you might be right. The very first thing that fails when I’m drinking is my balance. 😳 That happens even sooner that some obvious effects on my behavior. Although I can drink quite a lot considering my rare drinking occasions. 😀

    Btw, when was the last time you had a serious attack of laughter? The one, when you simply can’t stop laughing for about 15 minutes and your abs hurt at the end. I just figured out that this happened much more often when I was younger. 🙁

  38. A serious fit of laughter? Not long ago. Yesterday I spent half an hour on the phone, laughing about silly things with my husband and not being able to stop. Must be something like last week that I had breathing problems while laughing last time…

  39. I should be fine. You said that our talks on this blog remind you of the conversations you have with your husband and those make me laugh quite often. 😀

  40. I put some beer into the fridge an hour ago. A minute ago Peter came home and he proudly announced he brought some Kilkenny. 😀 I may have the same problems tomorrow like Pengovsky, but I can’t write a whole post about it all, cause everyone will accuse me of being a drunkard 😀

    (I think we may have many laughing hours before us here, in the www-space, too)

  41. Well, you girls seem to have gone, while I was handling a small energy crisis 🙂

    And I wasn’t calling Barf on the porcelain phone… 👿

    Oh, and alcessa: Not a single malt whiskey was mentioned today… ts,ts,ts 😀

  42. I’m sort of still here… A small energy crisis?

    So you are feeling better? I’ll have a beer in a moment or so 😀

    (sorry for the malt story 🙂 )

  43. Yes… as the hangover receeded my blood pressure dropped and I suddenly became veeery sleepy. I ought to have a beer as well during the day, to insure a soft landing, but all in all it wasn’t all that bad.

    It’s just that I have a bit of a muscle ache, since my flatmate and I did some push-ups, testing the theory that one can undergo greater physical stress when intoxicated.

  44. We did talk a lot…. But at one point (I forgets how) we started talking about excercise and to put our money where our mouth is, we each did 30 push-ups.

    When I’m sober, my arms start shaking at number twenty 🙂

  45. Yes, that’s why I maintain that one fares better in bed after a modest consumption of alcochol (say, half a bottle of wine) 😀

  46. Yes I do… I have to… One has to keep with the rhythm of the crowd. Sometimes (say, when I’m on some medicine and can’t drink) I can feel not being in sync with the people at the bar.

    Speaking of company…. shouldn’t you be tending to your husband who went to all that trouble gettin a beer that Kills Kenny? 😀 Not that I’m chasing you away, but I’d rather you and your husband kill Kenny than your husband kill Pengovsky 😀

  47. And now I’m back too. 😀 All clean and freshly shaven (as Pengovsky put it the other day). What a lovely threesome we are. 😛 Now I’ll listen very carefully to learn something new about having sex when inebriated. 😀 I’m all ears. Go on…

  48. Pengovsky: yes, you are right. I’d love to, I like nothing better then my husband’s company (as he knows). The problem is, I am still working and will for some time…

  49. @Sunshine: The mechanics of it are the same… But the feeling is much more intense.

    @alcessa: …as we all somber witnesses of the sad fact… 😀

  50. You still don’t get it. I KNOW all that. I just wanted to read about it in details. 😀 😀 😀 Anyways…

    Do we have anything else to say about this topic. 😛

    P.S. I was madly searching for an amazing picture I’d love to see on your Friday edition. I know I received it a while ago by mail, I checked my cd-s with old files and I can’t find it. 🙁

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